Arnica Infused Organic Oil 25ml


Botanical Name – Arnica montana.

Common Name – Arnica.

Folk Names – Arnikis, Corn Wolf, Gemsblume, Lambs Coat, Leopards Bane, Mountain Tobacco, Wolf Flower, Wolfsblume.

Parts used – Flowers.

Extraction method – Infusion in certified organic refined Sunflower oil.

Magickal use – Arnica is well known for its healing properties and for helping one to cope with stress, grief and traumas as it helps to bring balance and calm back into one’s life. Sprinkle a few drops over the garden to help bring fertility to the garden crops and for protection round the home. A summer herb that corresponds to the sun and fire element and is associated with Midsummer, the harvest and harvest spirits. Add to healing blends, massage oils, washes and baths. Arnica is topically soothing and aids healing in bruises, sprains and physical traumas to which it should be applied as soon as possible after the injury. Great for easing muscle aches and pains of all kinds. (See precautions) Arnica protects form unwanted spirits and guests, enhances psychic powers and strengthens positive magick.

Precautions – For external use only, but do not use on broken skin, wounds or rashes. Not to be used while pregnant. Some people may be allergic to Arnica.

Arnica montana is threatened in the European wild so is now becoming monitored and grown under strict supervision at specialised herb farms. In the USA it is still deemed invasive so is able to be picked to one’s heart content. However take this into consideration and always use wisely, a little will go a long way. Our plants need to be protected so we will have them in the future. Comes in a 25ml glass amber bottle.

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