Bear Animal Totem Kit


This ‘Bear Animal Totem Kit’ includes various symbols of the Bear and how you can honour and attune to their energies should you or Bear choose too.

Bearberry Herb (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) 10 gm. Use in spells and magic where courage and strength are called for. Is said to invoke ‘Bear’ magic and introspection when added to incense and talismans.

Bear Candle. This mini beeswax candle contains dried herbs such as bearberry for nourishment and strength, bee balm for happiness and white sage for healing and visions. Burn the candle to honour Bear magick and Bear in all his forms, to bring strength into your life and protection.

Bear Sachet. A selection of ‘Bear’ friendly herbs secured in a sachet and adorned with a Bear charm.

Bear Statue. Hand carved from soapstone. Each piece is unique in its colour and shape and has been chosen specifically for the person. Statue is approx 2.5cm H x 3.5cm L.

Honey Bush Bear Tea Cyclopia spp. Invoke the energies of Bear while enjoying this sweet honey tasting tea. Pack contains 20gm organic loose tea.

Also includes a scroll of information about beautiful Bear.