Coven Craft - Bargain Book


"Coven Craft" was written by a well-known and respected Wiccan High Priestess, who guides you through the workings of Covens from altars to zoning. Over the course of twenty seven chapters, Amber K shares with you her vast Coven know-how, with plenty of veteran insights and straight up advice on: Finding or organizing a Coven, tools and supplies, finances and incorporation, Coven offices, new members, the Coven calender, rituals, the Esbats, the Sabbats, training and initiation, elders, traditions, networking and more...If you are wanting to start a Coven or just interested in how they work, then this book is for you.

Paperback, 504 pages. 25cmLx18cmW.

May have a few marks on pages, thus special price, usually $39.00.