Crystal Runes Black Obsidian


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A magickal and important system in the lives of the Norse, Runes were used for religious purposes, and for calling upon the forces of nature and the Deities. There are 24 Runes along with the addition of another, Wyrd, the blank Rune, making 25 Runes in this set. The 24 Runes are divided into three groups of eight called Freya’s Eight, Hagall’s Eight and Tir’ Eight.

The Runes are a powerful force and should be used wisely. Get to know your Runes, empower them with your positive energies, through consecration and meditation. These crystal Runes are unique and no set alike. Comes with quick key notes and black velvet pouch.

Black Obsidian is a black, glass -like rock also known as the reflection stone as you can see your reflection in it, thus the name, volcanic glass or the Witches Mirror. An ideal stone for scrying and divination purposes due to its black shiny colour. Good for working with past lives, protection, removing negativity in general and working during the dark and waning moon phases. A powerful cleanser of psychic smog, clutter and debris.