Gardners Book of Shadows - Bargain Book


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Gerald Brosseau Gardner is credited with kick-starting the neo-witch revival and the publicity that aided the repealing of the laws banning Witchcraft in the UK. There is no "Official" Gardnerian Book of Shadows, as Gerald Gardner never published one. The information in this book was attributed by Gardner to an ilegal witch cult, which had to remain hidden before Englands Witchcraft laws were repealed 55 years ago. Includes Casting the circle 1949, The Charge and Drawing down the Moon 1949, Initiation degrees 1949, Sabbat Rituals, Scourge, The Kiss, Working Tools and more...

Paperback, 55 pages, 21cmx14.5cm. Includes pictures. Brought to you from The Spirit Guide to Spellcraft, Rev.Dr.S.D'Montford-Editor.

Bargain Book condition - Staples have a tad rust to them otherwise book is fab.