Healing Herbs Willow Bach Flower Essence 10ml


Bach Flower Remedy Willow, Salix vitelline. Remedies maliciousness and sulkiness. Restores good temper. For despondency or despair, the ‘Poor me’ syndrome, resentment. For those who feel helplessly at the mercy of circumstances, is embittered, sees oneself as the victim.

Also for animals that are resentful, bad tempered, sulky and bitter. If they can't cope with a change in the household (e.g. the arrival of another animal or a baby). This remedy can help animals who urinate everywhere as if acting out of spite such as on the owner’s bed or the owner’s property and personal items such as shoes, clothing, books and so forth.

(The underlying problems should be checked as there could be an issue needing vet help. Check dirt boxes are clean and not chemically enhanced in any way, are there other animals bullying your pet, lack of attention and other stresses?)