Summer Spell Pack


This Summer pack contains:

Summer Mini Spell Candles. Light these mini candles to help lure back the strength of the Sun Gods and to honour all Solar Deities and sun Rituals. Pack of four candles 110 x 12mm with approx. 2 hours burn time each. Gold, red, orange and yellow. 

Bath Bag. A selection of organic and wild crafted herbs and Witches salts ideal to use during any Summer Solstice and Midsummer rites and celebrations. Also used to enhance creativity, courage, strength and the fire within.

Solar God Charm Cord. Attune to the energies of the Witches Solar God with this cord that can be used in all rituals, spells and magick to honour the Sun God and his solar energies of life, creativity, happiness, healing, strength and courage. The cord is also used to cast Summer circles. Made from various threads and cords, each Solar God cord is unique as no two are alike. The Pentacle charm is the symbol of the Witch, protection, the sacred circle and the elements and the sun charm is symbolic of the God himself, life, nature and the summer season.

Summer Herbal Blend. A selection of organic and wildcrafted Summer herbs to celebrate the Summer Solstice, Sun God and Summer season in general. The herbs can be thrown into the Summer balefire to encourage positive energies of creativity, courage, healing and strength. Alternately it can be burnt on charcoals as a herbal incense for any Summer rituals or spellwork. 20gm pack of herbs and two charcoal discs.

Citrine Crystal.  A stone of joy, happiness and sunshine. Citrine energizes and invigorates, enhances creativity and Solar magick. It helps to cleanse the aura, remove fears including nightmares. Single rough natural Citrine approx 10 gm.

A Red feather used for smudging in magick and spells where courage, strength and summer magick is called for.