Astrology - January 22nd - 31st 2024

Pluto has just moved into Aquarius, conjoined with the Sun, which also made its annual move into the sign.  This may elude to the spotlight this has placed on this movement with everyone picking apart what this means.  Pluto had moved into Aquarius briefly last year and if we cast our minds back to around May, this was when there was quite a spike in AI technology becoming apparent and bringing the collective awareness to the potential this technology brings.  Similar shifts could potentially happen again.  Pluto being an outer planet tends to have more of an impact on the collective and brings the themes of the underworld to the attention of the collective being signified by Aquarius.  Power plays and control can be a theme that presents itself and this could manifest around the government or bosses, people in charge as the 10th house rules this.  It is interesting to note that not only that the Sun and Pluto are conjoined with the midheaven bringing the shift itself into prominence, but the degree of the ascendant is also at 0 degrees which generally signifies a newness to the situation and matters relating to the event are only at the beginning and it is too early for us to tell the full impact this ingress will have.  

We also have a full moon in Leo on Friday 26th January, Leos love a full moon to direct our energy and creativity into a project or idea, it ignites a spark and you feel energised to take on something new, or perhaps something you have left to the side.  The full moon here falls in the 6th house, ruled by Leo so the sun takes significance here as well.  The 6th house represents our work in terms of service, we may find a way to support and help others, perhaps through donating items we no longer need.  We may find work having an impact on our health, especially around feeling drained as the opposition to the sun who is placed on the ascendant which signifies ourselves there seems to be this push/pull so it would be fair to say to prioritize balance between work and self-care.  Jupiter is in square to this full moon and matters at home may be causing some despair to you currently as a result there could be some stresses in the air from the hard aspect here and the placement of the Moon.  Do something this full Moon that sparks your creativity, be it through work or play.  

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