Pawsome greetings and bright barkings…

Animal Magick and Totems. Where do we begin? There are so many wonderful animals around us in our physical world and other realms. What ones to include and to include them all would take a lot more than what we can fit onto these pages so we apologize to those who have not been mentioned and to you, the reader if some are not included. So without further ado…merry meet some Animals be they pets, familiar or totem animals from other realms, we can all learn something from them. All animals should be honored, no exceptions. Here is our Animal Rede based very loosely and with no disregard to the Witches Rede version that was first publicly recorded in 1964 by Doreen Valiente. 

ALLIGATOR - Destruction, power, primal energy and wisdom.
ANT - Discipline and order.
BADGER - Bold, independence, solitary.
BAT - Night magick, rebirth and transition.

BEAR - Hibernation, power of the unconscious, perseverance, strength. Primary Medicine Animal and guardian of the herbs. 
BEAVER - Building and laying foundations, strength.
BEE - Fertility, organization.
BIRD To rise above any situation, travel.
BLACKBIRD - Mysticism, oversees nature.
BLUE JAY - Links the heavens and earth. The use of power for good or bad.
BOAR - Courage, leadership, warrior spirit.
BULL - Fertility, strength, stubbornness.
BUFFALO - Abundance, family.
BUTTERFLY - Expansion, resurrection, transformation and vulnerability.  
CANARY - Song, the voice, throat chakra.
CAT - Companion, independence, magick, mystery, protector, secretive, selective, supernatural.
CHICKEN - Fertility and sacrifice.
COUGAR - Power, strength of self.
COYOTE - Adaption, clever, fun, hidden wisdom, instinct, playfulness, resourceful, skill.
CRANE - Guardian of secrets, hidden knowledge, longevity.
CROW - Curious, magick, observation, protective, unpredictable.
CUCKOO - Cuckoo fate, madness, not listening.
DEER - Caring energy, gentleness, innocence.
DOG - Community, loyalty, obedience, protection.
DOLPHIN - Healing, intelligence, messenger, new dimensions and forces, teaches us how to breathe correctly.
DRAGONFLY - Illusions, light and mental clarity, movement, visions.
DUCK - Family, feminine energy, patience needed, protection.

EAGLE - Creation, focus, freedom, guardianship, inspiration, judgement, opportunity, perception, sight, skill, spirit.
ELEPHANT - Family, patience, power, memory, stability, strength.
FERRET - Cunnings, keen observation, revenge, skillful hunters, stealth.

FOX - Camouflage, expression, knows when to retreat, passion, shapeshifting.
FROG - Change, dreaming, emotions, leaping through life, luck, metamorphosis, opportunity, rebirth, transformation.
GOAT - Aloofness, courage, independence, new endeavors, sacrifice, stubborn, surefootedness.
GOOSE - Bravery, communication, protection, teamwork, travel, trust, vision.
GRASSHOPPER - Abundance, creativity, messenger, movement, instinct, intuitive, trust, vibrant.
KINGFISHER - Halcyon days, happiness, love, prosperity, protection.
HARE - Abundance, birth and rebirth, fertility, love.
HAWK - Concentration, guardians, messengers, power, protection, rebirth, strategy, vision.
HEDGEHOG - Exploration, fertility, intuition, perception, protection, vitality.
HERON - Determination, grace, good luck, longevity, perspective, solitude, wisdom.
HORSE - Endurance, freedom, nobility, physical strength, power, strength, transportation between the realms, travel.
HUMMINGBIRD - Happiness, joy, life’s magick, play.
LAMB - Innocence, joy, spring season.
LEOPARDS - Life, power, sexuality, virility, vision.
LION - Authority, courage, creativity, family, fertility, healing, justice, loyalty, power, pride, royalty, strength, the Sun, wisdom.
LIZARDS - Adaptation, dreams, flexibility, perception, sensitivity, shrewdness.
MAGPIE - Adaptability, disguise, illusion, occult knowledge, opportunists, perceptive, social, trickery, willful.
MYNAH BIRD - Adaptable, quick, opportunists, social.
MOCKINGBIRD - Creative imagination, inner talents, power of song and voice.
MOOSE - Agility, discernment, instinct, life and death, protection, shapeshifting.
MOUSE - Cleanliness, focus, pay attention to details, resourceful, scrutiny, shy.
OSTRICH - Burying ones head in the ground, grounding, new ideas and wisdom.
OTTER - Agility, curiosity, energy, friendship, happiness, playtime, protection, sharing.
OWL - Knowledge and wisdom, healing, magick, messengers, mysticism, omens, protection, transition, vision.
PANTHER - Courage, discipline, guardian, power of self, protection, valor.
PARROT - Diplomacy, fun, healing, social.
PELICAN - Humility, direction, reflection, responsibility, safety, self-sacrifice, sharing, sea mariner and protector.
PENGUIN - Adaptability, community, dreams, creation, evolution, faithfulness, protection.
PHEASANT - Creativity, good judgement, passion, sexuality.
PIGEON - Home and family, love.
PRAYING MANTIS - Alien, observation, patience, stillness.
POSSUM/OPOSSUM - Adaptable, appearances, divert attention, mothering nature and ‘time out.’
QUAIL - Abundance, fertility, nourishment, opportunity.
RABBIT - Awareness, family, fertility, new beginnings.
RACCOON - Dexterity, disguise, hidden talents, playfulness.
RAM - Fertility, new beginnings, protection, strength.
RAT - Adaptability, mental energy, restlessness, shrewdness,
RAVEN - Death, messenger from the Underworld, mystery, night magick, playful, rebirth, shapeshifting.
ROOSTER - Guarding, protection, sexuality.
SALMON - Communicative, creative, exploration, hardworking, inspiration, practical, rejuvenation, wisdom.
SEAGULLS - Adaptation, communication, Fae magick, freedom, opportunists, responsible behavoiur.
SEALS - Creativity, love, lucid dreaming, protection, sexuality, vision.
SHARK - Calculating, efficient, focused, instinctive, perceptive, primal energies.
SHEEP - Charming, crafty, opportunists, sensitive. 
SKUNK - Awareness, confident, defense, fearless, protection, respect.
SNAKE - Change, cunning, cycles, fertility, healing, intuition, new life, occult, rebirth, transformation, wisdom.
SPARROW - Awakening, assertive, community, creativity, friendliness, joy, productivity.
SPIDER - Crafty, creation, cunning, fate, progressive, protection, resourceful, trapped, web of life.
SWALLOW - Cleansing, fertility, home magick, hope, protection, vision.
SWAN - Dreams, inner beauty, mystic energy, self-recognition.
SQUIRREL - De-clutter, harvest, gathering, observant, preparation, time to be diligent.
Feeling a little nuts?
STAG - Fertility, Horned God, independence, journey of the afterlife, pride, protection, the hunt.
TIGER - Energy, new adventure, power, royalty, sensuality, strength, unpredictability.
TURKEY - Abundance, blessings, sacrifice.
TURTLE - Balance, creation, endurance, opportunity, stability, strength, survival.
VULTURE - Death and rebirth, patience, renewal, serious, tolerance, unconventional.
WASP - Construction, evolution, order, productivity and teamwork.
WEASEL - Courage, mischievous, observation, secrets, shrewd, wild.
WOLF - Communication, cunning, family, generosity, loyalty, protection, spirit and teacher.
WHALE - Balance, beauty, communication, creation, inspiration, library of knowledge, navigation, nurturing.