Candles have been used throughout the world since ancient times, some of the earliest ones being made from tallow. (bovine fat) As you can imagine, they were very smoky and did not smell the best, however they had an important purpose and were very much needed during pre-modern lighting. Nowadays, whether candles are used for rituals, spells or just to lighten the room in a blackout, their glowing flame brings a sense of warmth and magic to us all. They also come in all shapes, sizes, colours and scents, it can certainly leave a person wondering, which one and for what? Following is a basic candle guide to help you through the seasons.


As the candle burns, any oils that have been rubbed onto them, thus anointing, will in turn release the vapors into the air, evoking those energies for which the oil has been made for, be it an Esbat, the Winter Solstice, love, healing, protection or a harvest spell.

To anoint a candle, simply begin at the center and with upward moves, rub the oil from center to top. Return to the center and then rub the oil using downward moves, from center to base. Visualize your goal while anointing the candles. If the candle is to be used for the Samhain Rituals, see the events surrounding this magical time. A candle to be used in a healing spell should be anointed with healing oil while visualizing on seeing the patient becoming well, a certain protection dish to be prepared would be enhanced by thinking of protective (and positive!) thoughts while anointing the candle. A word of caution - Always remember to snuff candles out when you have finished with them, not only for safety reasons, but because blowing them out is an insult to the element of fire, except for celebrations of birth.


Samhain and Halloween - Black, dark blue, deep red, green, orange, purple, white.
Winter Solstice/Yule - Gold, green, red and white.
Imbolc - Cream, red, silver and white.
Spring Equinox/Ostara - Pastel colours, pale blue, pink, white, yellow.
Beltane - Green, pink, red and white.
Summer Solstice/Litha - Amber, gold, orange, red, white, yellow.
Lammas - Amber, brown, dark yellow, gold, orange.
Autumn Equinox/Mabon - Autumn colours, brown, dark blue, orange, purple.
The God - Dark green, gold, red, yellow.
The Goddess - Green, red, silver, white.


New Moon - Black.
Waxing Moon – Cream, pale yellow, silver, white.
Full Moon – Red, silver, white, yellow.
Waning Moon – Black, dark purple or yellow, grey.
Dark Moon - Black, dark blue, indigo, midnight blue.
Sun - Gold, orange, red, yellow.

Black - Night, magick, the crone, waning moon, to banish negativity, space, the universe.
Blue - Colour of the Water element, healing, peace, spirit contact, spirituality, Throat Chakra.
Brown - Animal magic, familiars, healings and spells, the Earth.
Green - Colour of the Earth element, prosperity, fertility, healing, growth, the Green Man, Heart Chakra.
Indigo - Ceremonial Magic, Third Eye Chakra.
Orange - Energy, pumpkins, jack ‘o´ lanterns, gourds, Autumn colours, Sacral Chakra.
Pink - Love, relationships.
Purple - Spirituality, healing, magickal energies, health.
Red - Colour of the Fire element, energizing, protecting, life giving, courage, strength, Base Chakra.
Violet - Healing, Crown Chakra.

White - Universal colour to be used for any magical workings and blessings. Yellow - Colour of the Air element, intellect, travel, ideas, creativity, communication on all levels, Solar Plexus Chakra.