Scorpio the Scorpion

October 24th – November 22nd

One of the most psychic signs in the Zodiac, the Scorpion brings with it mystery, strength and passion.

Symbol – Scorpion

Glyph - The Glyph represents a serpents tail and is linked to the male genitalia.

Element – Water.

Planet – Pluto.

Quality – Fixed.

Negative/Feminine Sign

Personal Creed- I Create.

Scorpio Day – Tuesday.

Colour – Black, crimson, magenta, purple, red, rust.

Gemstones – opal, topaz, malachite, apache tears, garnet, obsidian, ruby.

Flowers and Herbs – All bushy and thorny trees, allspice, aloes, basil, blackthorn, bleeding heart, cardamom, carnivorous plants, cypress, exotic plants, geraniums, ginger, horehound,  impatiens, nettles, orchids, pepper, pennyroyal,  rhododendrons, rose, thyme, wormwood, ylang ylang.

Metal – Steel or Iron.

Tarot- Major Arcana – 13 Death. Minor Arcana – Queen of Cups.

Animals and Creatures- Crustaceans, eagle, insects, phoenix, Scorpion,  serpent.

Gods  – Anubis, Hades, Orion, Ra,   Hades.

Goddesses - Artemis, Hekate, Persephone.



This is a term to define the twelve sectors of the sky. Each planet falls into one of these houses. Scorpio is associated with the Eighth House. This relates to sex, procreation, marriage, sexual relationships and desires.

Work – Researchers, detectives, analysts, engineers, religious professions, magical arts, journalists, drama, spiritualist.

Leisure Times –Combat sports, swimming, magickal arts, sword fighting, shooting, martial arts.

Love and Relationships - A passionate soul, you need someone that can accept your strength and sexual desires, but not to out do you in bossiness. Your partner needs to let you feel relaxed and not trapped. Once they have earned your trust, you will then remain loyal and happy. 


Nose, liver, bladder, pubic area and genital organs. Release stress with sensuous baths and massage. Take regular exercise and don’t forget to eat when you get busy!

Cell Salt – Sulphate of Lime.

BEST EXERCISES – Sports to help burn off excess energies, running, soccer, basketball, hockey, wrestling.

FOODS - This is not a diet to stick to and all things in moderation! Strong tasting foods, pomegranate, kale, onions, mustard, garlic, figs, cauliflower, cress, cherries, gooseberries, blueberries, asparagus, turnips, coconut, cucumbers, celery, rhubarb, vegetable juices, tiramisu and chocolate in moderation, soups, chicken, steak, spicy dishes, curries, Avoid rich, fatty foods and lots of salt.