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I have spent many years learning and reading his books, re-reading and studying his ways and continued work within the Craft. Hearing about his exploits and the wonderful people he has met along the way including his beautiful wife Morning Glory so without further words from me I shall leave you here with some snippets from witchpedia.

‘From witchipedia

‘Born November 30th 1942 St Louis, Missouri, United States, Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, also known as Otter G'Zell, was born Timothy Zell. He has attended Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri and did his Graduate School at Washington University in St. Louis. He married his co-wifeMorning Glory Zell-Ravenheart at the Gnostic Aquarian Festival in 1973 and they continued to maintain apolyamourous family known as the Ravenhearts. In the 1960’s Oberon Zell and Richard Lance Christie founded the Church of all Worlds (CAW) inspired by Stranger in a Strange Landby Robert A Heinlein. The Church of All Worlds was one of the first Pagan churches to receive 501 C3 exemption from the IRS, which it did on June 18th 1970. Oberon Zell first published The Green Egg Magazine a popular and long running Pagan magazine in 1968 and it continued (with some breaks) as a paper publication until 1996. It is now an online publication. 

Oberon first put forth the religious philosophy that eventually came to be known as theGaia Hypothesis in 1970. Oberon and Morning Glory co-founded the Ecosophical Research Association in 1977 and through their research embarked on the living unicorn program in the 80s. Several of their unicorns appeared in the Ringling Brothers/Barnam and Baily Circus. They have also done extensive research on the truth behind Mermaid stories. In 2004, Oberon Zell-Ravenheart in conjunction with several other members of the Pagan community known as theGrey Council established the Grey School of Wizardry which offers an occult education for children and adults in a style inspired by Hogwarts, the mythical school of wizardry in the Harry Potter series. Graduates are certified ‘Journeyman Wizards’ and courses are offered online.

Oberon Zell is a modern Renaissance man. He is a transpersonal psychologist, metaphysician, naturalist, theologian, shaman, author, artist, sculptor, lecturer, teacher, and ordained Priest of the Earth-Mother, Gaia. He has provided illustrations for Anodea Judith'sWheels of Life Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkovian Beastiary, many T-shirts and posters and altar art including the very popular Millennial Gaia.

Oberon Zell’s Website


Paddy Slade is a hereditary Witch or a village Wise Women in the traditional Old English sense.  She was born Patricia Harlow on the 29th September 1931 and lived in Canterbury, Kent. Her Father, Robert hadlow was a sailor in the Merchant Navy and her Mother, Rose of Scottish decent practiced the old ways of the village Witch or Wise Woman as she was also known and passed these onto Patricia who picked up the traditional ways quickly and carried them on. She was the youngest of seven children.

Paddy went on to study at Cambridge University, from where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Medieval History and English.  After leaving collage she joined the signals branch of the Women’s Royal Air Force (WRAF). In 1955 while still serving in the air force, Paddy married her husband Philip (Pete) Slade and a year later gave birth to their first son Robert, a second son Peter followed in 1957.  Most of their time with the RAF was spent serving overseas, mainly in Singapore and Fiji, and only returned to England after leaving the Force in the early 1960’s.  Sadly just a short time later in 1962, her husband Pete suffered a heart attack and died. 

After the death of her husband Paddy was naturally devastated, and despite much support and encouragement from her friends and relatives she decided to retreat to the isolation of the Dartmoor countryside.  She loved the remoteness of Dartmoor and continued to live there for the next twenty years, occasionally moving from one location to another. Over the years Paddy became known for her vast knowledge of herbal and magical formulae and remedies, and soon had many students waiting to join her teaching courses, in which she called ‘the Old Wild Magic.’

In 1982 Paddy left the remoteness of Dartmoor and settled in a small village near Bath in Somerset.  Since then she has reduced her teaching to just a few, and in efforts to share her knowledge with a wider audience, started writing.  Her books are filled with the wisdom of a genuine old country witch, sharing her knowledge about animal, herb-lore, spells, chants, folk remedies, recipes and natural magic.  She writes from the heart and without pretence, but she also writes with a sense of humour and one that catches the magick of nature.


Born August 31st 1934, London, Raymond was known as ‘The Father of American Wicca,’ Raymond Buckland was responsible for introducing Wicca to the United States. He was the author of the first American book on the Old Religion written by a witch - Witchcraft fron the Inside - and has since written over sixty others, including the classic Bucklands Complete Book of Witchcraft. In was in 1962 that Raymond Buckland went to the United States from England, where he had written comedy scripts and was personal scriptwriter for a popular British comedian Ted Lune. In the past forty years Raymond has had over fifty books published (both fiction and non-fiction) He has received awards for his work and his books are featured in several national book clubs. He has served as Technical Director for movies, working with Orson Wells, John Carradine and Vincent Price.
Of Romany (Gypsy) descent, Raymond is an authority on Gypsies and has written several books on that subject. Raymond has lectured at colleges and universities across the country and has been the subject of articles in such newspapers and magazines as The New York Times and Los Angeles Times to name but a few.

Raymond Buckland has also appeared on numerous national radio and television talk shows such as The Virginia Graham Show, Barbara Walters' The Sally Jessy Raphael Show, and has been seen on BBC-TV and CBC-TV, Canada. He has appeared extensively on stage in England and played small character parts in movies in America. He has taught courses at colleges and universities and been a featured speaker at conferences and workshops. Recent works include The Spirit Book, Buckland´s Book of Spirit Communications, Wicca For One, and The Buckland Spirit Board. A DVD version of his Wicca video is now two hours in length: Rebirth of the Old Religion. Re-released is the popular Buckland Romani Tarot book and deck, now published by Galde Press - who also bring you Ray's new fantasy novel The Torque of Kernow. Raymond lived on a small farm in north-central Ohio, with his wife Tara, a Chihuahua named Chico and a Chihuahua mix named Lupe'. Raymond passed from this life September 27th 2017. He will be missed by those who knew him, knew his work and followed the ways of the Craft in which he taught.

Buckland Museum of Witchcraft  


Scott Douglas Cunningham was born June 27th 1956 and was the author of several books on Wicca and various other alternative religious subjects. Scott was a member of the Serpent Stone Family, and received his Third Degree Initiation as a member of that coven. In 1980 Cunningham began initiate training under Raven Grimassi and remained as a first-degree initiate until 1982 when he left the tradition in favor of a self-styled form of Wicca. He practiced a fairly basic interpretation of Wicca, mostly choosing to worship alone, although he did work rituals with friends and teachers including Raymond Buckland. He passed from this incarnation on March 28th 1993 but his work continues in many of us.


Silver RavenWolf (born September 11, 1956), born Jenine E. Trayer, is an American author and lecturer who focuses on Neopaganism. She currently resides in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. Silver's writing career began with how-to articles on art projects and fictional short stories that blossomed into a full-time career in 1989 with her work on her first full length book -- To Ride A Silver Broomstick. Since that time she has written over 21 books for Llewellyn World Wide. Wife of 30 years, mother of 4 grown children and grandmother, she has been interviewed by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, and various newspapers across the U.S. She has done hundreds of interviews for radio, appeared in several television news spots, and featured on A&E Biography.


Sybil Leek was born on the 22nd February 1917 in the village of Normacot in Staffordshire, England to a comfortable, middle class family. She claimed to have been descended from the historical Witch, Molly Leigh who had been accused of practicing Witchcraft during the Witch Hunts. Sybil had a wonderful Jackdaw called Mr Hotfoot Jackson and they would  be seen going everywhere together.

At the age of 16 she married her music teacher, though he died two years later, whereupon Leek returned to live with her grandmother. Shortly after, she was sent by her grandmother to a French Coven based at Gorge du Loup in the hills above Nice, to replace a distant relative of hers as High Priestess.She later stayed in the New Forest, England claimed to have spent many years living amongst the New Forest gypsies. When she was 20, Sybil returned to her family, who had now moved to the edge of the New Forest. She opened three Antique shops.

Her eccentric habits as a self-described witch soon resulted in problems. Media interest grew, and Sybil became tired of the attention from reporters and tourists. According to some she was seen as a bit of a joke or a fraud. Although the village itself benefited from the extra tourism and visitors, some were unhappy with the extra traffic and noise. Her landlord eventually refused to renew her lease, prompting Leek to move away from the area and immigrate to America.

When Sybil moved to America, she became an astrologer, describing astrology as her first love and in April 1964, an American publishing house wanted Sybil to speak about her new book A Shop in the High Street, and she was invited to appear the TV programme 'To Tell the Truth' a well known in America. Her appearance occurred on April 13, 1964. She took the opportunity to attend and flew to New York City, where she gave many interviews. While in New York, she was contacted bythe Parapsychologist, Hanz Holzer who invited her to join him investigating hauntings and psychic phenomena. They went on to do numerous TV and radio programmes on the subject while becoming good friends sharing lots of adventures in the psychic world. She would later move to Los Angeles, where she met Dr Israel Regardie an authority on the Kabbalah and Ritual Magic. She passed from this life at her homein Melbourne Beach, Florida on 26 October 1982. Her husband, Brian Leek, died in England in 1974. She is survived by two sons, Stephen and Julian and two grandchildren.