For 1000’s of years, fragrant plants, herbs and spices have been sought after for their aromas and their ability when utilized, to enhance spirituality, awaken desires, stimulate the senses, protect and heal. Essential oils are the expressed aromatic substances which occur naturally in plants, herbs and spices.

Magickal oils and oil blends on the other hand, are made by adding essential oils to “carrier oils” or “base oils” such as almond, apricot kernel, olive and jojoba oils depending on the formulae needed and making it possible for them to be used as an anointing oil. These oils are made with a specific intent in mind, be it for love, spirituality, protection, strength, healing or for the age old riches blend. We also make oil blends in which to honour the various Deity of Wicca, ritual purposes, seasons, Sabbats and the Moon.

At Wycksted, we make our Magickal oils and oil blends fresh with each order. We also make personal blends to suit the customers. All of our essential oils and carrier oils are organic and/or naturally sourced from around the world. All oils are for external use only and Essential oils should not be applied directly to the skin undiluted.

Please note - The information given about our essential oils and oil blends is aimed to give the apothecary Witch various insights into ancient and magickal practices that are available to those who wish to seek them. The information given is not intended to take place of any medical advice, prescriptions, medications or practitioner treatments that are currently ongoing or being sorted out via any other profession. We will not accept any liability for those who misuse any information given in our notes or website. We are not qualified Herbalists or Medical Practitioners nor do we claim to be.

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51 results