Leo the Lion

The Lion, King of the Beasts, links with royal nobility and ruled by the Sun, the brightest star in the universe.

July 23 – August 23

Symbol – The Lion

Glyph - Is said to of originated in Ancient Egypt from the constellation and represents the lions tail. 

Element – Fire.

Planet – Sun.

Quality – Fixed.

Personal Creed- I will.

Leo Day – Sunday ruled buy the Sun.

Gemstones – Amber, catseye, citrine, gold, ruby, sunstone, tigers Eye.

Flowers and Herbs –  angelica, basil, bay, bearberry, bergamot, black cohosh, calendula, catnip, cinnamon, citrus, frankincense, garlic, ginger, goldenrod, hawthorn, hyssop, juniper, marigold, neroli, olive, orange, rose, rosemary, rue, saffron, St John’s wort, sunflower, valerian, walnut.

Colours – gold, red, scarlet, yellow.

Metal – Gold.

Tarot - Major Arcana – 8 Strength. Minor Arcana – King of Wands.

Animals and Creatures- All big cats, bear, cat, deer, dragons, eagle, Lion, owl, panther, peacock, phoenix, possums, salmon, tiger, wolf. 

Gods  All Sun and Fire deity. Apollo, Hercules, Horus, Maahes, Odin, Ra, Vishnu, Zeus.

Goddesses – All Sun and Fire deity. Astarte, Bast, Brigid, Cybele, Hathor, Hera, Inanna, Sekhmet, Sol.



This is a term to define the twelve sectors of the sky. Each planet falls into one of these houses. Leo is governed by the Fifth House. This house is about creativity and how you express it, children, leisure time and family. 

Work - Creative careers, film, television, theatre, dancing, leadership, art, executive, teaching.

Leisure Time - Visiting places of interest,  wicca, music, spending time with your children, reading, art, organizing.

Love and Relationships - You need excitement and stimulation. Your partner will need to not only be patient to your demands, but he/she must be able to encourage and validate you as well as show no weakness! 


Heart, upper back, spine and solar plexus. The heart is associated with emotions and the back, courage. The solar plexus governs the Sun and the ego. In later years the Leo must prepare to slow down as they tend to drive themselves too hard early on. Leos however, are noted for their longevity.

BEST EXERCISES – Swimming, dancing, walking, archery.

Cell salt – Magnesium phosphate.

FOODS – This is not a diet to stick to and all things in moderation! Honey, most meats, sunflower seeds, lemons, apples, fresh fruit, whole milk, spinach, raisins, almonds, dates, fancy cheeses, salad greens, walnuts, rye, seafood especially fresh salmon, hot & spicy foods, exotic foods, fine chocolates, wines & coffee.