Pisces the Fishes

February 19th – March 20th

The Two fish that symbolize the spiritual and material, expressed through the natural world.

Symbol – The Fish.

Glyph - Represents two fish linked with a cord and swimming in opposite directions.

Element – Water.

Planet – Neptune.

Quality – Mutable.

Personal Creed - I believe.

Negative/Feminine sign

Pisces Day – Thursday and Monday.

Gemstones – Amethyst, aquamarine, bloodstone, blue lace agate, fluorite, labradorite, moonstone, opal.

Flowers and Herbs – Anise hyssop, apple, birch, calendula, camphor, cardamom, clematis, dandelion, echinacea, eyebright, fig, gardenia, ghost gum, golden seal, jasmine, kava-kava, kelp, lilac, lime, moss, mugwort, narcissus, nutmeg, orchid, oatstraw, rose, sandalwood, skullcap, seaweed, vanilla, water lilies, willow, wisteria, yarrow.

Colours – Green, lilac, sea green, teal.

Metal – Platinum or Tin.

Tarot- Major Arcana – 18 The Moon. Minor Arcana – Page of Cups.

Animals and Creatures – Cheetah, firefly, fish, frog, gecko, leafy seadragon, lemming, mammals that like water, mermaids, moose, ocelot, octopus, silkworm, stingray, tarsier, zebra,

Gods – Adonis, Eros, Neptune, Njord, Orpheus, Poseidon,

Goddesses – Anunitum, Aphrodite, Eurynome, Maya, Tiamat, Venus.



This is a term to define the twelve sectors of the sky. Each planet falls into one of these houses. Pisces is associated with the Twelfth House. This relates to the subconscious, escapism, self-sacrifice, secret fears and desires.

Work - Animation, natural therapies, musicians, artists, doctors, teachers, psychic arts.

Leisure Times – Swimming, watching a good movie, helping others, dreaming, painting.

Love and Relationships - Basically old-fashioned in matters of the heart, picnics and gentlemanly behavior will go a lot further than fancy restaurants and one night stands for the female Piscean. The male Piscean will love to play the chivalry card, love letters and poetry.


Feet, toes, lymphatic system. The tendency to over indulge should be avoided. Correctly fitting shoes and foot massage are beneficial. Drink plenty of fresh water to help detox and to generally keep hydrated. Alcohol- “don’t drink like a fish!”

BEST EXERCISES –  Swimming, walks along the beach, underwater diving.

Cell Salt – Phosphate of Iron.–

FOODS - This is not a diet to stick to and all things in moderation! Almonds, asparagus, beets, brown rice, cabbage, cucumber, dates, endive, fish, horseradish, kumara, lentils, lettuce, lima beans, melon, mushrooms, olive, onions, potatoes, pumpkin, quinoa, rhubarb, seaweed, spinach, strawberries, tomato, turnip, walnuts, watercress. In moderation beans, cereals, dark chocolate, dates, figs, french fries, pies and pasta.