Celtic Tree Zodiac

The Celtic Tree calendar is based on thirteen lunar divisions. Each division has a sacred tree assigned to it that were said to have been chosen by ancient Druids. The trees rich in history and folk lore have many magickal energies associated to them. Please note that the Celtic Tree calendar was written from the Northern Hemisphere.


BIRCH – Beth - December 24th – January 20th

Ambitious, creative and motivational. The ability to always strive towards the light and higher energies. The Birch is a tree of the Goddess. Birch symbolises rebirth, protection and purification. Birch is traditionally used as the ‘bristles’ when fashioning brooms and besoms

ROWAN – Luis - January 21st – February 17th

Creative and a passionate thinker with original and inspiring ideas. Sometimes however you are so ‘out there’ with your ideas others will wonder what you are on about! The berries of the Rowan tree are said to be food of the Gods. The tree is known for its protection especially against Witches and yet it is known as a Witch tree and greatly revered by us.Rowan is used for banishing and binding spells, divination and vision work.

ASH – Nion - February 18th – March 17th

Artistic, flexible, imaginative and compassionate. It is said that the realm between earth and sky is connected by the Ash tree and has long been recognized for its magickal energies and connection to the Gods of the Sea, mainly Lir, a Celtic sea God. The staff of the traditional Witches besom is made from Ash, so too is the Stang. The Stang is a staff that represents the Teutonic world tree, Ygdrasill that connects to the Underworld and the physical world. The prongs, are seen as the antlers of the God. The Ash is said to attract lightening and as Lammas has much thunder and lightning around this season, then ideally you should not stand under the Ash tree during a storm! Ash is also a tree of love, prosperity and protection.

ALDER – Fearn - March 18th - April 14th

Bold and courageous people, very strong willed. They also have a desire to seek new adventures and like to keep moving and stay busy. When the tree of the Alder is cut, the sap runs red and is seen as blood to the Celts and also a reminder of the sacrifice the tree has given so that it may be used for charcoal, house building and keeping one warm over the cold nights and days. The root system of the Alder is nurturing and provides essential nutrients for the soils, more so than other trees. The Alder is a tree of divination and will make you face up to situations that you have been avoiding, it will of course help you do this and not just leave you alone as you work through these situations.

WILLOW – Saille - April 15th – May 12th

Willow people are ruled by the Moon and the water element and can be highly creative, intuitive, intelligent and are usually very psychic and literally bursting with potential. They have also be known to observe well and sit back to see what unravels before them, said to be more patient than many of the other tree signs. The Willow is the tree that sits by the water and helps ease us into the Summerland. Tree of enchantment, healing, immortality and its branches are used to bind the brushes of the Witches besom. 

HAWTHORN – Uath - May 13th – June 9th

Hawthorn people tend to blend into any environment and adapt well however not is all that it seems with them. They hate simple routine and become very bored, freedom and independence is a must for these people. The Hawthorn, once known simply as ‘May’ was a traditional tree honoured throughout the British isles and of course due to the flowering of its striking blossoms and the large hidden thorns it has which make it ideal as a protective tree and one for hedgerows to keep animals within their boundaries. A tree of the Fae and protection it was considered a bad omen to bring it indoors however some believe that Beltane is a fine time to decorate with it around the home, in baskets and as a talisman. Keeping in mind our Beltane is not until October when the hawthorn will be blossoming.

OAK – Duir - June 10th – July 7th

These people born under the Oak sign have an uncanny strength and courage about them, they are very protective and often become champions for those who are unable to speak out for themselves. Oak signs seem to love history and are well suited to teaching. The Oak is the known as the King, the tree of the God and protector of the forests. It imparts endurance, courage, fertility, protection and strength. The trees noble presence assured ancient people that with the good will of their Gods, leader and warriors that they could prevail against all odds. The Celtic word ‘Duir’ is believed to mean door and possibly the root word of druid.

HOLLY – Tinne - July 8th – August 4th

Holly people overcome obstacles easily, therefore are ones to take on challenges easily. They are ambitious, competitive and confident in nearly everything they do and can make great leaders and although some may think of them as arrogant because of this, Holly people can be very generous and kind. Holly is the ruler of Winter and the King of the darker half of the seasonal wheel. While around us many other trees lie dormant the Holly is bright and rich with his greenery and red berries. Due to their prickly leaves they are an ideal herb for protection and are said to guard against lightning strikes and used in defence magick and spells. Bring Holly branches into the home over winter to honour this season and add a touch of greenery and protection to the home and all who reside there.

HAZEL – Coll - August 5th – September 1st

Hazel tree people are usually clever, highly analytical and intelligent as they seem to know a lot about things and are able to retain accurate information on ancient wisdoms and history which they enjoy passing on to others. This makes them good speakers and teachers, however they have been known to be rather blunt at times and sometimes get accused of being ‘know-it-alls’ when in fact they may indeed know it all. The Hazel tree is considered to be one of great wisdom and throughout the ancients has been utilised for its magick and divination purposes. To the Celts, the Hazel sits at the heart of the Otherworld where nine hazel trees sit over the well of wisdom and drop their hazelnuts into the water that are said to bubble with inspiration and knowledge. The nuts are considered to be potent amulets of wisdom, courage, protection, prophetic dreams and visions. 

VINE – Muin - September 2nd - September 29th

The Vine is a symbol of both happiness and un-happiness, they see the good and bad in a situation and tale. Vine people are about connection, introspect, relaxation and can set high expectations for themselves and others. They can be romantic and sensitive and try to steer away from arguments and confrontation preferring to stay neutral.

IVY – Gort - September 30th - October 27th

Change, connections, determination, friendships, healing. The plant that intertwines and winds itself through cracks and crevices where one cannot enter. It searches and forever attempts to move forward.

REED – Ngetal - October 28th – November 24th

Creativity, protection, purpose, resourcefulness. Reeds were and still are used as thatch for many homes. Placed on the floor they created warmth and insulation as well as being practical. They also made good candles when the tips were lit.

ELDER – Ruis - November 25th – December 22nd

The seeker, freedom loving and wild. The Elder is a tree of judgement and protection, a sacred tree that protects the Fae and keeps away negative energies and evil spirits. Branches of Elder are hung in doorways and over stable to protect those within. 

MISTLETOE – Uil-iok - December 23rd

Fertility, healing, love, rebirth and wisdom keeper. The Mistletoe is an aerial parasitic plant that grows high in the boughs of trees. It does not have roots and is dependent on its host for survival. It is used in charms for protection against witchcraft, bans evil spirits and brings good luck and blessings.