About Us

Wycksted is our online, retail store that supply’s Wiccan, Witchy, Magickal and Mystical items that are based on ancient, traditional and modern beliefs of the Craft whilst always working with the Witches Rede.

The Black Cats and other Animals that greets you as you enter Wycksted, are some of our Familiars. They work with us and act as guardians over our magick and spellcasting. Many of them also feature in the 'Cat'agorys, helping to put their paw of approval on items for those who work amongst us in their Animal form.

The actual home of Wycksted is situated between the Kaipara harbour and New Zealand´s vast farmland country. Surrounded by ancient and native trees, abundant in wildlife and animals, it offers a peaceful and magical setting. We are homesteaders to the best of our abilities and believe in organic and natural farming and pretty much most things can be fixed with some no#8 wire and a chainsaw. We currently have Angus cattle, Suffolk sheep and chickens who are left to their own pastures and grazing at their leisure thus leading a happy contended life although those chickens are a little confused as to where their boundaries stop. We eat from our orchard, herb garden and vege patch and use many of these ingredients in our herb preps and to also feed stock. Although I should like a Dairy cow to continue making our own cheese, butter and other dairy delights from the milk produced I am currently supplied by an organic dairy herd from the local village. Saves me a heap of bother on milking...

Witchy note – Apart from the modern marvelous technologies of our website we all prefer to delve in nature as much as possible, choosing to live by the seasons and cycles of the sun and moon while learning from our animals and familiars whenever we can. Book reading and divination by the glow of a candles flame, hot brews in winter including a good mountain moonshine or bourbon and cool tonics in summer as well as lots of kitchen and herbal witchery, spell crafting, fun and laughter or should I say cackling as only a heathen should... These are just some of the past times we share at Wycksted. 

Some of the Wycksted Witches...We thought it was about time to add a little about our selves and although a tad shy some of the Witches of Wycksted have yet to write up their notes and possibly never will.



The head heathen in this crazy world of Wycksted. Yes I am a Leo and very happy about that. Animals absolutely are the most amazing beings one can hope to share their time with and we can learn so much from them. Lions, cats, bears, possums, eagles, raccoons and coyote are just some of the Animal totems in whose company I enjoy immensely. I would say I am an Autumn/Winter Witch who does like her hibernation and solitary moments when I can as one does not need a growly lion-bear in their midst. I prefer to roam in nature than sitting in front of a laptop or any mod con for that matter and would quite happily live in a remote wilderness surrounded by mountains, forests, animals and books. And as for my birthday, I like to take a long leisurely birthday over the month of August. 


Boris is our red bearded Celt and the go-to-guy for our sales and anything else we throw his way. He may grumble, have a weird sense of humour and wield an axe in an alarming manner but he gets the job done. And he is always happiest when everyone else is.


Hi my name is Cerridwen and I am a Witch of Wycksted. I am a proud Leo, who loves responsibility but not so much the limelight.  I am a huge bear lover and other animals such as the lion, wolf, and hawk preferring company of animals/witches over muggles.  I enjoy reading, and learning.  My favourite time of the year is Beltane, it is not too hot and not too cold so can enjoy the best of both.  I am all for winter hibernation and I also expect a whole birthday month not just the day. 


Our dear Gwen will be leaving us this February as she is off to seek new adventures. Forever patient and known as a 'Witch of all trades,' Gwen is the go-to-gal when no-one else is able. Mainly in accounts and phone work, Gwen chooses to sit behind the scenes but is always casting an eye on the Witches, Cats and Familiars of Wycksted. Favourite season is Autumn and as for animals...all are her favourites. We will miss her indeed and Goddess knows who we will find to fill her very big boots!

You can now fly with us on Instagram and see what's happening at Wycksted with our in-house 'Witch'tographer, Farris and keep up to date with our witchy fun and mayhem.