These are the Terms and Conditions for our Wycksted Online courses.


Please read carefully before you proceed...

Our Online Courses are aimed to give the student various magickal insights into ancient and folklore practices as well as crafts and formulae that are available to those who wish to seek them.  Many snippets of folklore, practices, notes and my own family traditions and experiences have been added to the courses, including formulae from the Black Bear Apothecary and my Book of Shadows and Grimoires. 

Each of our courses comes with a set of assignments which are sent to you via email only (Adobe PDF). Each course is sent on the given dates (see Timetable) and the assignments are expected back to us by the given dates also. The courses cover the complete lessons as in PDF Workbooks, Assignments, Tutor Feedback and a Certificate on completion along with an assessment of your studies with us. The certificate will be emailed and posted out to you.



Please make sure you have read everything that has been included in these Terms and Conditions and are happy with what has been written. You need to ask yourself whether this course is for you. We do expect a degree of commitment and dedication on your behalf and will not tolerate time wasters. Please note that there are no refunds once your payment has been received and any payments including deposits have been made.

You need to be 18 years or older, have paid your fees for the chosen online course and then an enrollment form will be sent to you via email that needs to be filled in and returned back to us. A student code will then be issued along with your course details.



Hedge Witch - 6 month course - NZ$390.00

Introduction to Wicca course - A year and a day course - NZ$490.00

Seasonal Witch - Seasonal turn of the wheel course - NZ$390.00

The Wildcrafting Apothecary - 6 month course - NZ$390.00


All course fees go towards those who are involved in the success of these courses including our Familiars and Wildlife Fund. A receipt will be issued upon payment. 

Payments can be made via the website through Afterpay, Internet Banking, Paypal and Shopify/Credit card.



Assignments may be sent back to us via email, word, PDF or in some cases, posted. All assignments must reach us no later than the given date and be sure to include your name, student code and contact details on all assignments and please write clearly for all posted material sent in. Once we have received your assignment they will be marked and feedback will then be sent to you via email. 

All work submitted should be readable in English grammar. Although this should go without saying, please no texting script, no continued lower case script. Please ensure capital letters are placed where necessary along with full stops and comers.

Timelines are set out and expected to be followed and most assignments take between 1 - 3 hours depending on your depth of research. We want these courses to be enjoyable for you as well as educational and easy to understand. 

Please let us know if your work will be sent in late and that way it will not be noted as being “missed.” If you are continuously late and do not notify us nor ask for an extension your enrolment will be canceled. Extensions are given for up to two months only, if however after two months you are unable to complete the course, your enrollment will be also cancelled. Should you wish to study any of these courses again, you will need to re-enroll and pay the required fees.

If you are unable to finish the course or simply do not want to continue, please let us known asap and you will be withdrawn from the course. Alternately if we do not receive your work or no reply within the set time frame, you will also be withdrawn from the course. We trust that your courtesy will let us know.



Although we do not have a pass or fail system as every individual learns their own way, we do believe in a required standard of work to be submitted. This is to show us that the individual has studied and therefore understands what he/she is under taking before they can continue on their next step of course material. 

If your work is below par for various reasons, you will be contacted and we can work on the area where you may need some extra time.

The aim of these courses is to give you the opportunity to experience your own magick within nature, herbs and witchery as well as ancient and new traditions, how you live it, is up to you. We are merely here to guide you in a positive nature of one aspect as taught by Wycksted.



Upon completion of the course you will be sent a certificate by email and one through the postal service and an assessment of your studies with us. This certificate does not by any means make you a Herbal Apothecary or Witch extraordinaire of any way, shape or form as this is something that is already a part of you but will state that you have studied the course material as set out in the guidelines as taught by Wycksted.



These courses are not Herbal Medicine courses nor training for any other Herbal Medicine course, studies or other and are not intended to take place of any medical advice, prescriptions, medications or practitioner treatments that are currently ongoing or being sort out by the student via any other profession. We will not accept any liability for those students who misuse any information given in these courses. We are not Medical Practitioners nor do we claim to be. 

By enrolling in our courses you are accepting the above and agreeing to the relevant course material being sent to you via email or postage where required. We reserve the right to change the course at any time and to cancel enrollments where the need may arise. As the student you also understand that there are no refunds once your payments including deposits have been made. 


If you have any queries or quirky questions please Contact us.