Join us as we follow the Seasonal wheel of the Witch, a journey rich in history, lore and magick. An ever changing aspect of birth, life, death and rebirth.

The Witches Wheel or Seasonal cycle is divided into four seasons and eight points. The seasons as we know are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Within this seasonal cycle are the eight points that are celebrated and also known as the eight Sabbats of the Witch.

Each Sabbat course will be sent prior to each actual Sabbat. This will give you time to use your knowledge in creating your own Sabbat celebrations for when the time actually arrives. The set-up of these courses allows you to follow and attune with nature as she changes her cycle.

Although traditionally the Witch started her year with Samhain, this course is designed for the student to start at the time that is right for you. Once enrolled, you will be sent the Sabbat work that corresponds to what is happening in the part of the world in which you live. This makes it ideal for those who wish to study but are in the other hemispheres. While in New Zealand we may be having our Midwinter studies, they will receive their Midsummer studies. If you choose to start in April, you will get the Samhain work, start in September, the Spring Equinox work and so on. The student gets to study the festivals and seasons as they happen in their own hemisphere.


The Witches New Year of Samhain. Here we journey through the darkening veil into the lore, magick and history of this ancient celebration. Join us as we honour those in the “Summerland,” create crafts and foods symbolic to the beginning of Winter as well as studying the art of divination. Learn how to design an altar to honour those of loved ones who have passed on from this life, learn about the ‘Tree of the Dead,’ cast a circle and embrace the Sabbat of the Ancestors.


A time of great beauty as the Earth Mother hibernates and the lands are covered in a blanket of snow and cold fills the air. Learn about the Yule log, incense and warming brews as well as decorating the home with the bounty of winter greenery. Recreate the foods and crafts of this age old ritual as we honor the birth of the Sun God and the resting Goddess.


Celebrate the first stirrings of Spring as the lands begin to thaw. Learn about the Celtic Goddess of Fire, Brigid, the Corn Maiden, ‘Bride’ and the importance of the hearth.  Follow the ways of the Ancients as we banish winter and craft our way to honor the Goddess and her return.


Spring is in the air!  The time to prepare the witches garden, bless seeds, learn how to decorate eggs with ancient symbols, craft sachets, set up an altar for the deity of the Spring and cast a circle in their honour. Discover the magick of this season of rebirth.


A Sabbat of fertility and love magick. Step into the history of this ancient fertility ritual. Learn the significance of the symbolic Great Rite and the Green Man and Woman. Follow our crafting ideas and learn how to make your own May Pole and a few love potions along the way.


The Sun God reaches his peak as does nature. Make a Sun Wheel to honor his strength. Harvest herbs and begin drying them for later use to make into sachets, potions and lotions. Join us as we honour the Faery kingdoms and the Solar Deities during this fiery Sabbat.


The First harvest and feast of Bread. Make your own Corn Mother and ritual bread from our recipes, share in the history of this ancient harvest celebration and honour the Deity of the grains.


The Second Harvest, bountiful nature, the Witches Thanksgiving and Deities of the Harvest. A time to give thanks, honour the Deities of the season, organize the Witches pantry and prepare for the coming winter.

And full circle – back to Samhain…



The Seasonal Witch course will cost you NZ$390.00. This covers the complete 8 lessons Workbooks, Assignments, Tutor Feedback, Assessment of your studies with us and a printed Certificate which will be posted via mail as well as one emailed to you

If paying from overseas, please ensure your payment is in New Zealand dollars. All course fees go towards those who are involved in the success of these courses including our Familiars and Wildlife Fund. A receipt will be issued. Be sure to include your name or student code as a reference.


Payments can be made via Afterpay, Internet Banking, Paypal or Shopify/Credit card. 

Payment plans are also available, please enquire. 


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