Since antiquity herbal blends, potions and lotions have conjured up magic and mystery. Elixirs and brews concocted under the light of the full moon, at crossroads or in the privacy of a cottage, cave, forests, hut or castle, there was something to be made for whatever the purpose and for whom ever was willing to pay the price.

Our Black Bear Apothecary offers you a wide range of many magickal and spellbinding charm bags, pouches, herbal blends including those made to help honour your Animal Spirit Totem guide and other Apothecary items such as bath salts and Elemental elixirs made from organic, wild crafted and natural products using the finest ingredients available, including those grown in our own garden.

The Black Bear has been one of my Totem Animals throughout my life and is now also a guardian of our Apothecary. He watches and ensures all is well while bringing his energies of resourcefulness, protection and strength, helps one stand up for their beliefs and take action without fear. He reminds us to have fun and play but also the importance of grounding, so important when working in the realms of magick and herbal lore. He is Bear Medicine.

And yes, of course the Cats are also part of the Apothecary although mainly sleeping on the chairs, scattering catnip to the winds and generally getting into mischief, they are a very important part of our lives and Wycksted.

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173 results