Incense, Smoke and Smudge

Smudging is traditionally a ceremony for cleansing and purifying the spirit, soul of negative energies and thoughts. Used for thousands of years to invoke the Gods, Animal Spirits, to cleanse sacred spaces, objects and for ritual, protection, healing and love, these scents hold the magick and healing in their smoke as messages are carried to the other worlds. 

To burn incense is in fact a ritual in itself. A blend of herbs, spices and resins that have been empowered with a specific intent. Herbs combined with the element of Water of a shell used as the container vessel, the herbs themselves as the element of Earth, Fire as they smolder on charcoals and then turn into the element of Air as the magick is transported by its scent. Spirit is within everything.

Many of our incenses, smoke and smudges have been handmade at Wycksted using the finest natural and organic herbs, resins, barks and spices and we still use our large and rather heavy mortar and pestle for the finer grinds. These blends can be sprinkled onto lit charcoals or thrown into the balefire and the smoke used for the same purposes.

Always shake or stir the herbs well before use to awaken their energies and store them in a dry place/container away from the sun when not in use. And try not to inhale the smoke, not all incense smell as good whilst burning! May stain some fabrics and surfaces.

Caution, keep all pets away from the smoke.

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49 results