TERM ONE 2024 -  February 1st - July 31st

The courses can be started at any time during the year.

So a little about the courses...

All of the course material in the courses has been written by myself and includes traditional and ancient practices from my family/ancestors and was taught to me when I was growing up, although one never truly grows up and they are always learning and being taught something with each new day. As I have got older, been in groups, done various courses, covens and had covens and groups/meets as well as having my own family and grandchildren (I am not yet ancient although some days I do feel it) traditions change and evolve as we do, and many snippets of folklore, practices, notes and my experiences have been added to the courses as well, including formulae from the Black Bear Apothecary and my own Book of Shadows and Grimoires.

I prefer and have chosen to steer away from technology as much as possible (much to the amusement of my fellow crafters especially Brynne and Dakota, thanks for your patience) but in this day and age can be somewhat harder and near impossible for some and so many people are busy being busy! The courses we offer are online and require emails, word and pdf so very modern for me, but kept to old fashioned ways as much as possible for my own sanity but also for the students to take the time to enjoy the reading material and assignments that are sent in, and to try and use their intuition and practical experiences in their own lives and connect to nature and spirit as opposed to the Google Gods. Some students even hand write their work and send it via the snail-mail service, good Goddess, nearly unheard of in these days. Maybe one day I will emerge into the latest century but for now as change is afoot I am happy staying in the Mountains and working from my old desktop computer with a near obsolete land-line on a continued learning experience as we dwell on this beautiful planet amidst nature, herbs, trees, animals and spirit. Should you like to know more about the online courses or have any quirky questions please feel free to ask them.




Course - 6 months



Course - 6 months


Course - A turn of the Seasonal Wheel.



Course - 6 months.

For more information or an Enrollment you can contact us at: school@wycksted.co.nz

The Wycksted School of Witchery takes a break over the months of January and August. Enrollments are still taken and someone will be there to answer any queries you may have so although we do take a break we are never far away. 

Payments can be made via Afterpay, Internet Banking, Paypal and Shopify/Credit Card.

A percentage of all monies goes towards our Animal funding and support. A big paws up for yours!