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As Bear is one of my Animal Totems it is with great enthusiasm of my cub and Bear magick to be guided here and to be part of this remarkable women's journey with Bears.

From the wonderful Website by Weeza, Louisa Potter
"Weeza is following in the footsteps of She Bear.  She spends her days re awakening her connection to Bear and the memories of Bear Priestesses of this land, and ,in particular ,the highlands of Scotland. She lives in Assynt in Scotland and hears the wisdom of the great She Bear who sleeps below the land and uses this inspiration to create workshops and ceremonies which honour She Bear and reconnect us back to our wild selves.

The Temple of Ursa is a space for all those whose hearts are called to connect to and honour the Spirit of She Bear in Brigid's Isles. How would it be to see bears roaming this land again ? How would it be to feel the Spirit of She Bear wake in your heart ? She is sleeping below this land and as She sleeps and snores Her messages drift up through the earth....listen, listen for Her.
I have fallen deeply in love with an area of Scotland called Assynt where I sit on the land to hear Bear's messages. I dream of one day raising an actual Temple in the Highlands of Scotland and this online space is the first step on that journey.

Other steps on my journey are-creating healing workshops and ceremonies which honour She Bear and strengthen our connection to the land, writing and blogging, working between Avalon and Assynt- linking Scotland and Somerset, deepening my knowledge of rewilding and the lives of the bears who will return here one day, and communicating with all of you who feel touched by Bear......x x x"

For those who are akin to Bear or would simply like to know more, please follow this link to the Temple of Ursa Website:
Contact Weeza Louisa Potter



In the Southern Hemisphere, 30 April marks the pagan festival of Samhain, sometimes known as witches' New Year's Eve. In Wicca, a modern pagan religion followed by witches, it's the night when they say the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest.

Click on the above link to hear more about my interview with Kim Hill the host of Saturday Morning on RNZ.



For Inspiration, guidance and empowerment. 



Ursula is a trained Astrologer through the School of Traditional Astrology.  She is able to produce natal charts and she is currently refining her technique on Horary astrology.  This branch of astrology is where a client asks a question that a chart  is then drawn up for and a potential outcome or answer is able to be found.  Student rates available. 

Please contact her on



Oak Grove is an authentic coven of the Gardnerian Tradition of Wicca based in Auckland, New Zealand who work with the British & Celtic Mystery Tradition.







Our Potential Members group (for those who live in Canterbury and want to join the coven)

Newcomers to the Craft



Empowering People to Live Life.

Hello I’m Janetlouise – It’s fabulous you stopped by to take a look. A little bit about me. As a  genuine – people person, I offer life empowerment coaching in one on one, couples or family sessions, and I personally run Workshops and Retreats. I am an International Clairvoyant / Psychic and an experienced Usui Reiki Master and Teacher, travelling Australasia doing face to face readings, phone readings, Reiki healing, clearings and protections, crystal and colour therapy all the while living as delightfully happy earth ‘Wangel’. Read More...



Katherine has been walking a Pagan path for thirty years, with her first book published in her home country of New Zealand while in her twenties, on the subject of dreams. She spent several years writing and teaching about dreamwork and working as a psychic before turning to novel-writing, studying creative writing at university while raising her children and facing chronic illness. Since then, she has published more than twenty long and short novels and fallen in love with the form. She writes under various pen names in more than one genre.


Now, with the Wilde Grove series, she is writing close to home, about what she knows best. A Spiritworker, Druid, and polytheistic Pagan,  Katherine lives a life dedicated to the sacred, and in service to her gods and ancestors. She is a member of the British Order of Druidry.

Katherine lives in the South Island of New Zealand with her wife Valerie. She is a mother and grandmother. Read more...



Crystals, Spiritual resources and more.

24 Hillary Square, Orewa, New Zealand




Activating positive change beneficial to the Ecology.

Luminate Festival Educational and Spiritual Trust
PO Box 278 Takaka 7142
Golden Bay, Nelson, Tasman, Aotearoa, New Zealand 



From the wise words of the Original Gypsy Fair, we have been operating in its current format since 1990 and provide a venue where like minded travelling folk can earn a living to support their chosen lifestyle. Travelling throughout New Zealand, the Original Gypsy Fair has something for everyone and will bring a smile to your face as well as lighting up the places where we visit. We are now getting back to basics with more emphasis on the Hand crafted Stall, with many items being made before your eyes.

Come and meet the Artisans and see them at work. Also for the technically minded we have the largest fleet of privately owned Heritage vehicles constantly touring the country. It won’t take much to get us to talk about our homes. For the strong silent type there are display boards detailing the history of these unique rolling homes that you can peruse at your leisure.



PAN Inc is a not-for-profit educational association with members Australia-wide. The management committee are drawn from a broad cross-section of the Pagan community.

The Association is incorporated in the state of New South Wales. It has no formal ties with any religious body. We work proactively, both within the Pagan community and as a point of contact for the general public, government, and media organisations. PAN Inc is the Australian Pagan community's most effective networking and educational body.



Investigating Ghosts, Cryptids, UFO's, Urban Legends and forgotten Histories of Aotearoa. Read More...



Located in the heart of Historic Puhoi Village. Come & savour fresh local produce and crafts in a relaxed and friendly setting. While you sit and listen to the live music and enjoy the laid back Puhoi atmosphere, the kids can burn off some energy in the safe play area at the sports club opposite.

We have a great variety of stalls ranging from our vibrant community stall, which offers local seasonal produce, to fresh roasted coffee from the pub, freshly baked bread tasties, eggs, local honey, handmade soaps balms and oils, handmade jewellery, native plants, preserves, sausage sizzle and much more.



Raymond Buckland born 31 August 1934, started The Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick in 1966. After visiting the late Gerald Gardner and his collection on the Isle of Man, Raymond was inspired to start a collection of his own. He passed from this incarnation on 27 September 2017 but the museum is being well looked after and cared for as Raymond would have liked.



The Salem Witch Museum examines one of the most enduring and emotional events in American History...the Witch Trials of 1692. The main presentation is based on actual trial documents. Visitors experience the drama of that dark time though thirteen life-size stage sets, figures, lighting and a stirring narration as they are witness to the web of lies and intrigue of the Salem Witch Hunt. 



Native American Jewellery and Crafts.

Slow Water Trading Post, Puhoi, New Zealand specialises in Sterling Silver and Turquoise purchased mostly from the Navajo or Zuni silversmiths, whom have had their trade passed down from generation to generation. Their jewellery is sourced from a mixture of the Zuni, Hopi and Navajo tribes whilst some of the beadwork is Cherokee. The Turquoise is from the New Mexico and Arizona / Colorado region. So with jewellery, western hats, biker leather jackets, fringed clothing, bags, boots, Native American artefacts, cushions, t-shirts, blankets, dreamcatchers, skins, tin signs, Texas longhorns and more, the Slow Water Trading Post in Puhoi is worth the visit. 



The scare attractions that make up Spookers Scream Park include:

- The Haunted House is where victims flee from frightening apparitions in the old Kingseat Psychiatric Hospital. (Spookers is located in the nurses home of the old hospital)
- The 'Hillbilly Hard' Freaky Forest of Fear which is a haunted horror forest full of crazed hillbillies and other mutants!
- CornEvil is not just a walk in the corn. The Haunted Horror Corn Maze is the most exciting, adrenalin pumping, crazy entertainment possible in a field of corn. (seasonal summer)
- And then it's 'Clowns'. For some reason, people are afraid of clowns, and “Disturbia” takes advantage of this fact with crazed, demented clowns and other weirdos popping out from everywhere. Two-times world champion graffiti artists Disruptiv created the astounding UV and 3D effects.
- Claustrophobia is the final attraction and is over 10 metres of pitch-black crushing, squashing, and squeezing hell.

For the R.16 night time attractions make sure that everyone has ID (R16), sensible footwear and one torch between every six people for the outdoor attraction. No ID, no entry.

Spookers is located 833 Kingseat Road in the former Nurses Hostel in the Kingseat Hospital grounds, Karaka
Email -

Phone - 09-291 9002 



Wycksted is a sister school to the Grey School. The first Mystery Schools of Wizards like Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, and Ptolemy gave us Classical Education. At Grey School you earn a magickal, Classical Education from our secular School of Wizardry. Learn in the comfort of your home, or where ever you have internet connection. Grey School of Wizardry is available to you online, right where you are now. In fact, you are just a few clicks away from your first class at Grey School. How is that for magickal learning convenience?

Our campus is all-inclusive. We are non-religious and non-profit, too. There are Clubs, Celebrations, Conclaves, Awards & Honors, Special Events and social opportunities available to students throughout the year. You are invited to become part of our legacy, our magickal community…and one of the Wizards of Grey School.





Kawai Purapura is the Maori term for that eternal oneness that exists within the heart of all peoples and all creation. In other cultures and traditions this has been called: Self-realisation; satchidananda (being-ness, awareness, blissfulness in Vedanta) or nirvana (the essential nature in the Buddhist tradition). It is the state of non-dual awareness in which all the past (kawai) and all possible futures (purapura) exist in the eternal moment, pure presence. A place is inherently sacred when people come together with the sacred intentions and work with the whenua (the land), papatūānuku (the earth) and their own sense of belonging to the place and to the community that inhabits the place.

This property was purchased by the Prema Trust in 2009, with the purpose of healing the land of its history and developing a long held dream of a residential care programme for natural medicine. It is currently a residential village of more than 90 people, a flourishing yoga centre, and a workshop and retreat centre. The property has also served as a venue for Wellpark Diploma classes.

14 Mills Lane, Albany
North Shore, Auckland, 0632
New Zealand
(0064) 9 415 9468



Traditional Celtic Herbals. Malcolm Harker M.H.D is Aotearoa's foremost producer of traditional herbal products, which are distinctive in that they contain freshly collected native and Celtic herbs, homegrown and wild, gathered only in the prime of flowering. All tonics & Elixirs contain unadulterated Celtic seasalt and UV light-treated rainwater.

For Harker Herbal Products you can contact them direct. Website:

Harker Herbals Store 31 The Centre Waipu 0510 New Zealand
Phone 09 - 432 - 0965

(Wycksted and Harker Herbal Products Ltd cannot accept responsibility for the use or misuse of any products listed herein. We recommend you seek a competent Health Practitioner about serious disorders) 



Mayan Dreamspell and Soul Astrology

Foundation for the Law of Time – One Earth, One People, One Time

Independent Wellness Advocate