As Bear is one of my Animal Totems it is with great enthusiasm of my cub and Bear magick to be guided here and to be part of this remarkable women's journey with Bears.


From the wonderful Website by Weeza, Louisa Potter as shown in above picture.

"Weeza is following in the footsteps of She Bear.  She spends her days re awakening her connection to Bear and the memories of Bear Priestesses of this land, and ,in particular ,the highlands of Scotland. She lives in Assynt in Scotland and hears the wisdom of the great She Bear who sleeps below the land and uses this inspiration to create workshops and ceremonies which honour She Bear and reconnect us back to our wild selves.

The Temple of Ursa is a space for all those whose hearts are called to connect to and honour the Spirit of She Bear in Brigid's Isles.

How would it be to see bears roaming this land again ? How would it be to feel the Spirit of She Bear wake in your heart ? She is sleeping below this land and as She sleeps and snores Her messages drift up through the earth....listen, listen for Her. I have fallen deeply in love with an area of Scotland called Assynt where I sit on the land to hear Bear's messages. I dream of one day raising an actual Temple in the Highlands of Scotland and this online space is the first step on that journey.

Other steps on my journey are-creating healing workshops and ceremonies which honour She Bear and strengthen our connection to the land, writing and blogging, working between Avalon and Assynt- linking Scotland and Somerset, deepening my knowledge of rewilding and the lives of the bears who will return here one day, and communicating with all of you who feel touched by Bear......x x x"

For those who are akin to Bear or would simply like to know more, please follow this link to the Temple of Ursa Website:

To Contact Weeza or for more information on Bearfoot Walking, the Temple of Ursa or for her fine Bear Crafts please follow the below links.