Thank you for your interest in our Wildcrafting Apothecary Course.

Foraging, Folklore and Formulae...

This is a six month Online Course that is designed to bring out the magickal and wild Apothecary in you. Learn about the Moon and seasonal cycles and the best times to harvest herbs and how to dry and store them for later use.

Discover the magickal properties of over 50 common and not so common herbs, spices, barks and resins from the Witches Apothecary Grimoire along with Tree magick. Learn how to conjure up formulae's charms, talismans and elixirs based on the ancient Craft of the wise, potions, lotions and brews, incense, sachets, oil blends and powders. Recipes are also included from the Wycksted and Black Bear Apothecary Books. 

Learn about Folklore and various herbal histories, charts, planetary tables, equipment needed as well as working in amongst nature and her changing seasons. For Spring you will learn about sowing seeds and plants, blessings, preparing the magickal garden after winter, enchanting herbs and more. Summer will be about the flourishing garden and nature, making herbal preparations while Autumn is the harvesting of the herbs, roots, berries and crops to be made into potions, lotions, and magickal goodies to fill our Witches pantry. Winter is when we make brews, elixirs and sachets to help us through this cold season and more...

We have a lot of work to cover in six lessons with several hundred pages of study material and can only touch on the basics of the various paths and realms of the Wild crafting Apothecary. As you will be aware of, only a certain amount can be taught online, so we will endeavor to keep our teachings as practical as possible and you will be doing the physical part of the learning/teaching in the comfort of your own home. We hope this course will open you up to the magickal Apothecary way of life and enable you to make your own choices as to where you would like to proceed in your own journey of life. We offer ancient, traditional and modern insights as well as our own into a herbal spellbinding way of life and thank you for taking time to venture into it with us.

Please note - The Wildcrafting Apothecary Course is aimed to give the student various insights into ancient and magickal herbal and folklore practices of the Witches Apothecary and their use of herbs only. It is not a Herbal Medicine course by any means nor has been designed to take place of any medications and medical conditions one may be using or experiencing at the time.


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The Wildcrafting Apothecary course will cost you NZ$390.00. This covers the complete 6 lesson Workbooks, Assignments, Tutor Feedback, Assessment of your studies with us and a printed Certificate which will be posted via mail as well as one emailed to you. All course fees go towards those who are involved in the success of these courses including our Familiars and Wildlife Fund. A receipt will be issued.

Payments can be made via Afterpay, Internet Banking, Paypal or Shopify/Credit card. 

Payment plans are also available, please enquire. 

Payments can be made via Paypal or Internet Banking. Payment must be made in New Zealand Dollars. Please include your name as a reference and email us with your details.