Cauldrons were and are still used as a main cooking vessel for the family’s everyday meals as well as boiling water for the occasional washing of oneself. To the Witch the cauldron also doubled as a symbol of the Goddesses womb, the element of Water and the afterlife. A magickal vessel in which to make all potions, lotions, brews and even small balefires that would burn brightly during Sabbats, Esbats and other rituals. Ideal for the fire leaper as it is a smaller fire and easier to contain as well as easier to jump over. As with many items, it may pay to have two cauldrons if you can. One for kitchen witchery and general food preparations and edibles such as healing brews, tonics, soups, broths and so forth while the other one is used for (depending on its size) conjuring your spells, burning incense and formulae and for the holding the Sabbat balefire in. 

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