Taurus the Bull

April 21st – May 21st

Symbol – The Bull.

Glyph - Glyph

This represents the Bulls head and has links with ancient Egyptian Civilizations.

Element – Earth.

Planet – Venus.

Quality –  Fixed.

Personal Creed - I Have.

Negative/Feminine sign

Taurus Day – Friday ruled by Venus.

Gemstones – Aquamarine, azurite, boji stone, emerald, kunzite, rhodonite, rose quartz, topaz.

Flowers and Herbs –Apple, ash, bearberry, bulls blood beet, clove, coltsfoot, cypress, foxglove, grasses, moss, oak, periwinkle, poinsettia, poppies, roses, spearmint,  sage, sorrel, straw, thyme, vines, ylang ylang.

Colours – Brown, green, pink.

Metal – Copper.

Tarot- Tarot- Major Arcana –The Hierophant.

Minor Arcana – Queen of Pentacles.

Animals and Creatures- All farm animals, buffalo, bulls, beaver, cattle, hedgehog, jackal, kangaroo, Minotaur, ostrich, rattlesnake, seagull, squirrel, wolf, wombat, yak.

Gods – Agenor, Apis, Bacchus, Buddha, Dionysus, Marduk, Mithras, Osiris, Pan, Poseidon, Ptah, Quetzalcoatl, Zeus.

Goddesses – Aphrodite, Europa, Freya, Frigg, Hera, Ishtar, isis, Juno, Persephone, Venus.



This is a term to define the twelve sectors of the sky. Each planet falls into one of these houses. Taurus is ruled by the Second House. This relates to possessions, personal finances, and the material world.

WORK - Singing, restaurant owner, banker, chef, catering.

LEISURE TIMES - Cooking, eating, exploring the outdoors, holidays, gardening, eating fine foods.

LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS - One way to a Taurean heart is through their stomach. Ruled by Venus they are in love a lot. Sometimes they will not eat because of this, or they may eat too much. Your partner will need to include lots of sensual physical contact and totally devote themselves to you.


Neck, throat areas. Slow-to-boil, Taureans need to express rather than hold in problems. Moderation in food and alcohol is needed. Sage teas and plenty of fresh water. Sit up straight and walk tall to help with these area.

Cell Salt - Natrum sulphuricum.

BEST EXERCISES - Gardening, dancing and walking.

FOODS - This is not a diet to stick to and all things in moderation! Wheat, berries, apples, pears, grapes, strawberries, green vegetables, cereals, lean meat, seafood, peas, potatoes, brussel sprouts, oysters, expensive chocolate, olive oils and wines, celery, spinach, walnuts, cakes, sweet foods (in moderation) lettuce, pomegranates, radishes.