We invite you to read some of the feedback received from the Students of our Online Courses throughout the years.


Great to read your insights and feedback on the herbal preparations. It is certainly fun making potions and knowing exactly what is in them when you use them. I do love my herbs and vegetables and I have so enjoyed all four of your courses. I shall miss the study time now that your courses are completed but I am so much more aware of nature’s cycles again so there is no turning back. I cannot thank you enough for the joy and inspiration your courses have given me. The Introduction to Wicca and Green Witch courses were great fun while learning the basics and re-connecting with the world around me. Seasonal Witch and Magickal Apothecary were a little more serious and focused but totally inspirational and I enjoyed every minute of my study. I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to complete all four courses and cannot thank you enough for your wisdom and positive spin on life. My world is changed in a totally positive way and I cannot thank you and your helpers at Wycksted enough for all your energy, input and direction. May the Goddess bless you always:) 

Dawn from Hamilton

The Online Introductory to Wicca Course is perfect! Its all converted for the Southern Hemisphere which was a big thing for me. It's easy to understand with friendly helpful advice available whenever I needed it. I have followed the Wiccan way for years but this has helped me fill in some missing bits, remind me of some forgotton and refine my style.
Sarah, Geraldine South Island

I thoroughly enjoyed the Online Introductory to Wicca Course. It was challenging, enlightening, educational and uplifting and I am so glad I did it. I cannot speak highly enough of Wycksted, they are friendly, helpful, encouraging and professional. The time, effort, knowledge and commitment they put into their courses is commendable and very much appreciated. I was surprised by the disappointment I felt when the introductory course ended. So was thrilled when I heard about the "Green Witch Online Course" and signed up immediately!
Jenny from Kapiti.
I have found your Green Witch online course a lot of fun. This course has been my only one so far that I have taken with Wycksted, I am now onto my third paper and am constantly amazed at how much interesting and useful information gets sent through with course notes. I am learning more about myself, which I think has been the hardest test so far, but also very rewarding and empowering. I think that the assessment questions that are asked are great, and as long as you read through the course notes answering them is not a problem. I have loved all of the topics covered so far, and simply knowing what will be covered each month in advance has been great, because it has enabled me to think ahead and prepare myself properly for each new assessment. Assignments are marked very quickly once they have been handed in, and feedback is always given, which is much appreciated. I think that once my Greenwitch course is over I will be very upset simply because I will miss all of the wonderful and refreshing information, but I am pretty certain I will be signing up for another course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about taking it on board, for me it was one of my best decisions. Trust yourselves and your abilities and give it a go.
Megan, Whitianga.

I found the Wiccan Introductory Course fascinating. The topics are comprehensive, giving a great overview of all the areas of witchcraft for those who are starting on their path. The course material is comprehensive and presented in a very clear format with a conversational tone and included excellent examples. There are beautiful visuals included in the notes and the diagrams, photos and art work aid learning, while the summary charts are a great reference. The inclusion of spells and recipes gives students an opportunity to put the theory into practice. Assignments ensure that the students test their understanding of the topics covered each month as well as asking for further research to be done and to develop spells, rituals and potions to include personal interests in the topic. Feedback is provided after assignments and communication is regular and purposeful, developing a lovely relationship. I highly recommend this course.
Sandra, Huntly.
I enjoyed the Introductory course so much that I didn't hesitate to enrol for the Green Witch online course this year. Once again, the course material each month is detailed and interesting. This course includes a personal development aspect to the study, with self-reflection in a journal and the development of personal resources such as oracle cards as each topic is studied. I am thoroughly enjoying learning more about being a Green Witch. Blessed be.
Sandra, Mackay Queensland. 

I have been interested in all thing natural and spiritual for many years. While I have good knowledge and understanding in some areas, in others I have almost nil. This was my main reason for signing up to the Wycksted Green Witch course. The fact that I am a busy home-schooling Mum is also why I needed to find a course that would fit around my family and I. So far I have loved it! Some months I have found myself reviewing knowledge I already have, and gaining new insight from the different presentation. Other months I´m a complete newbie and find the information fascinating. The course is taught using simple to understand language and the assignments straight forward. I love the fact that I have the opportunity to research as deeply into the subjects as I´d like. I also love the fact that I can use my natural creativity. I would definitely recommend anyone interested to have a go – even if it feels a little out of your depth, the knowledge gained will last you a lifetime.
Rebecca, Auckland.
The Wycksted Introduction to Wicca Course sent me on a yearlong magickal journey of discovery. Having monthly assignments helped me to stay focused and in constant contact with the awesome witchy world around me. I still refer to my course notes regularly, each information packed installment opened my eyes further and I have never looked back. What I loved about doing an online course was that my self-motivation was tested and I loved that challenge. I have now started the Green Witch Course and am enthralled by it.
Gabrielle, Whangaparaoa.

At present I'm studing Wicca and Green Witch.Im learning so much. I really like the way the course work is set out and the feedback the students get is very helpful.I would encourage anybody interesting in studying Wicca to take the course, as it’s nice to know that we are not walking our path alone, there is a sisterhood out there. Many blessings. Walk in Peace.
Moonflower, Papakura.
I have found the course to be incredibly informative and enjoyable! It is covering all the bases really well, and also allows for me to explore further any aspects of what I am learning. There is also lots of opportunity for practical work. I always receive helpful and encouraging feedback from the tutor, which is great, because I am still very much at the beginner stage. I would recommend it highly to anyone wanting to initiate or consolidate their knowledge.
Feronia, Australia.


Loving the Online courses and great to be able to have that contact with the Tutors throughout. Hope they have more online courses for us to do.
Brekyn, South Island.

Wycksted´s online Wicca course is fantastic. I enrolled in order to do some research for a book and was really thrilled with the things I learned - both about the practice of Wicca and myself. The content was interesting and while easy to understand it ws challenging enough to really make you think. There is no pressure put upon students, feedback is helpful and the outcome is far more than I hoped for. I highly recommend the course and Wycksted in general.

Angelique, Beachlands, Auckland.


Really had fun doing the Wicca course and love that it is written for New Zealand with the seasons and Elements. Sioux, South Island.