Merry 2024



Yes it's time to throw out the old year of 2023 and bring in 2024 and although many Witches start their new year with Samhain or the Winter Solstice, this is a time when we change our calendars and also acknowledge some of the superstitions that any new year can bring. But as far as Numerology goes what does 2024 have in store for us?

2024 = 8. The number eight represents abundance, balance, justice and success.  It is the symbol of infinity and limitless energy as there are no beginnings and no ends, but a constant flow of energy and continuous motion unless of course one is keen to rock the boat too many times and get thrown off course. So don't be too hasty to get caught up in everything, take your time, think, plan, be confident and use good judgement. This is also a Karmic  year where one is said to reap the fruits of what they have sown, their past actions, work, kindness and so forth... 

This is also the year of the Wood Dragon in Chinese Zodiac, from Feb 10th 2024 until January 28th 2025. A year of creativity and lots of new ideas, a little flourish of prosperity and good fortunes. Lay down foundations and ensure they are strong  to ensure lasting success. 

Here are some of our favs Superstitions to kick in the New Year.

Obviously the old calendar gets taken down and a new one put up but for Goddess sake do not do this until you are indeed in a new year. The two calendars are not supposed to see each other either so up to you to sort this one 

Always make sure that on the last day of the year and the first day of the New Year that your kitchen dishes are done and placed away otherwise it will seem that you are doing more dishes this year than usual. We do our dishes on the last day and then not again until the 2nd, that way we do not have to deal with the ‘Throwing out the old’ trad.

This is an everyday for pet people but for the new year ensure they have plenty of clean water and clean food bowls for when their treats and meals are served today abnd lots of standby foods in the fridge and freezer. Bedding should be at least aired out but do think twice before chucking any of their old toys out on this day and the next for that matter. the toys may look old and worn to you but they may be much loved and needed to them. And of course always make sure that your animals, pets and familiars have a good healthy supply of kisses, cuddles and hugs.

The pantry and fridge should have within it some of the staples to ensure a good year of food, crops and bounty to come. I like to ensure we at least have milk, seasonal fruit, local cheese, a little apple cider or ale, some yum chocolate and a decent loaf of bread courtesy of our German bakery. Those are just some of my choices, you will have your own but it is about ensuring good food to come your way. 

It is said that we should not throw out anything on this day as luck may go with it. So with that in mind I am more than happy to waive the housework and de-cluttering for another day. This superstition also includes no sweeping out dust, no food from the fridge unless of course it is being thrown out for the chickens or animals, no old furniture or garments, no washing water from clothes or dishes which can become confusing as some traditions tell us to wash and do dishes on this day, so that is a quandary that I will leave up to each and every one of you to ponder. As for me, I do not do housework on this day, it is a new calendar year so dance and make merry, leave the work for the next day.



Raewyn Chamberlain

Loved reading ‘Merry 2024’ this morning, in particular I smiled when I read ‘waive the housework and decluttering’ as earlier I was overcome with an urge to clean and tidy the door shelves on my fridge, feeling very pleased with myself as it was well overdue and deciding the first day of the year was a good time to clean out the old. Don’t worry, I’ve been feet up for the past hour+, checking out very interesting websites like yours . With much appreciation and best wishes for 2024.

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