May at Wycksted


I love the cold misty mornings that are now upon us and visits from Jack Frost as he leaves his magickal ice print on the lands wherever he goes. It always gives me that feeling of deep magick and mystery as the trees and back fields are covered with a swirling mist and out of it shall come a band of ancient warriors or a flock of Fae as they step through their realms and venture into ours… 

We homestead to the best of our abilities here and in this fast moving world it is hard for some to even comprehend that there are people that actually choose to live this way. I do not own a mobile phone at all, however hubby does have a small and old $20 one that we can text, ring out and get calls on should we be out and about and the kids need to get hold of us and yes they are forever trying to bring us into the 21st century! There are no smart phones, flip phones, i-pads and modern gadgets as such nor do we have wireless here…I hear shrieks of what? The only galaxy I know is the one before me when the sun has gone to bed and the stars and planets are peeping out of that night curtain that keeps them blanketed. I do however have a plug in phone land line and a plug in desk top computer and was given a laptop of which enables me to sit by the fire in winter or outdoors when the weather is brilliant to do work and save it on a word file or pdf, no online vibes there either, just old fashioned typing and saving. Much like a fancy typewriter but it does the job and I make no apologies as to my inability in which to want and have loads of modern technology around me and choose to remain a heathen in my ways and Wycksted seems to like it that way with a balance of work and homesteading. Any questions?

Our heating is from the woodburner and wood gathered from our own land where trees such as old man pines and macrocarpa have fallen in recent storms and other trees that are on such a precarious lean they are somewhat dangerous and need to be felled. I am apparently an unpaid logger too although hubby is not too keen to let me wield a chainsaw as yet but I am dang good with a wood saw and axe just like a maddened shield maiden or should I say shield hag as the years are coming upon me. I do like stacking the wood though once chopped and as there is a Gemini in my life, the wood has to be stacked in a particular way as opposed to this Leo who stacks with a creative flourish.

The many Oak trees have just about lost their leaves already but ensuring they are never completely bare. My Grandmother always planted Birch trees in threes to honour the Goddess in her phases of Maiden, Mother and Crone and I have followed suite. The Maple trees have turned from green to golds and reds are happily dropping their leaves to make a soft carpet for the animals and us to walk on. The ground has such an earthy smell to it especially when the rains come and the leaves mulch down.

After the rains we usually find the leaks and with an old house there can be many depending on what way the rain comes, seems too many jobs and not enough time in the day over winter. We do not have a spare farm-hand or handy man to come and do the jobs for us but do sometimes rope in friends and family when needed with the lure of food and drink. I do have a list and we try to get through it before each season comes around. Living as we do we are governed by the seasons, firewood, planting, sowing crops, harvesting, repairing the roof, animal shelters to be sorted, paddocks mowed, hay stacked, holes repaired to try to keep chickens from getting into the garden and rats away from the chickens at night, stock sorted, fencing to be checked and repaired, bore water and pipes to be maintained, sewer tanks, water tanks and the list goes on…who says that grass slows in winter, ours seems to be more lush than ever and now we may need more cow and sheep lawn mowers to help otherwise we may disappear into a vast jungle of kikuyu grass.

We also begin our preparation for winter by bringing out all the mats that have been stored, to which they need a good beating and sweep before being laid down on the wooden floors. I have never been one to have windows drawn at night as I love to look out at the night sky but as others in the house do not share my ideas during winter, I have to concede and have curtains drawn, but I must admit, come midwinter and that we do not have any heating in the house other than the wood-burner I would say I will be glad for it but maybe will not admit it. Cloaks and woolly jumpers are always a must including thick sox, scarves, hats and gloves and blankies for all and as they have been packed away over summer I find myself going through boxes and drawers and finding all sorts of treasures as I do so.

All in all another busy month ahead but being outdoors and in nature is a most fabulous feeling even with the rain and cold. The chance to get away from a computer and walk amidst the trees and land, we are fortunate and I am always thankful that we do have these choices but it is a hard life and the seasons do not wait for no one, witch nor heathen.

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