It's the month of July and the Wolf Moon is within our skies. A time to get outside in the bleak of winter and honour this ancient energy of the Wolf and when the Moon is in its full, don't forget the primeval howl of the wild. The Full Moon in NZ Southern Hemisphere for 2022 is on Saturday July 14th.

To honour this wonderful animal we have various Wolfy items in stock, eco-travel mugs, woollen hats, mugs, soapstone wolves, statues, dream catchers and more. And a percentage of all sales will go to the  Wolf Sanctuary PA in Pennsylvania where we have adopted three wolves some years ago and there are still many there to meet, support and adopt.

The Moon after the Winter Solstice/Yule is called the Wolf Moon or sometimes known as the Old Moon although possibly Bleak Moon may be more appropriate, a time of our deepest winter. The name is attributed to when our ancestors would hear the howling of the wolves and see them beginning to venture out of their dens in search of food as they were driven by hunger. Call on the Wolves energies for their teachings and how to use our instincts wisely.
We think of the ‘Wolf’ new moon as the pup being born and as the moon grows, so too does he/she. The waxing moon is when he/she is a young pup and venturing away from the mother, by the full moon they are fully grown and ready to mate and take their claim possibly as the alpha male or female. As the moon begins to wane we see them becoming the older and wiser wolf and sometimes taking time away from the pack and as the moon fully wanes and is absent from our skies, we see the wolf emerge into spirit and walk with his ancestral wolf pack. However as we know wolves of course have longer than a moons cycle and can live in the wild from 6 and sometimes up to 13 years depending of course on their life, food availability, steering clear of fights in which they may be harmed and free from trappers and in captivity Wolves have lived up to 17 years. But from a ‘Moonology’ view we see the wolf in his various stages of birth, life and death.
To honour these wonderful animals and upon the moon in their name set up an altar that includes a crystal ball for the moon and various wolf ornaments or pictures. Perhaps you have a soft toy that steps in as your wolf familiar when an actual wolf is not available. A plate of food could also be left out to help them quench their hunger, I will leave the idea as to what foods you could include up to you but for a herbal option, wolf berries are a good choice. Wolf berries you say, yes also known as the Goji berry, Lycium barbarum.
‘Hear the Wolves howl as the moon nears it’s full,
roaming the lands with their wild natures will.
Guided by the Gods and blessed to be free,
The wolf within, is sacred to me.’

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