Baby Quartz Geode Stone 70-72gm


The Ancients believed that Quartz was frozen ice and also seen as the solidified breath of the Dragon. Quartz geodes are said to be a symbol of the Dragons egg and help connect one to the energies of the Dragon. 

The ideal universal crystal for all healing and magickal work. Quartz can also be used to store energy from the magick circle and sacred rites, it holds and protects energy, helps cleanse on all levels and enhances psychic work and energies.

These quartz geodes have been cut in half so come in two pieces tied together and each cave has its own design with tiny little quartz clusters and points, pattern and qualities within, so no two are alike and that is the beauty of nature. They may seem small but do not under-estimate their energies and strength.

Single quartz geode, approx. 70-72gms