Bear Medicine Herbs


Bear is known as the primary animal of Herb Medicine and teaches us how each season brings challenges and blessings within nature. Bear symbolises introspection and moving within yourself to find answers, much like the Bears do during hibernation, they move within the earth and withdraw from the cooler weather.

Bear is a strong source of protection and support in times of difficulty and provides a stable foundation to face challenges as Bear teaches us to use our courage to evolve, strengths and how to be resourceful. This resourcefulness can be transferred into our own lives by helping overcome challenges within self or family and by taking action without fear. Honour Bear Medicine and the qualities of confidence, fearlessness, inner strength, wisdom in yourself and how you can project them in your world, however it is important to not misuse these powers and to use them wisely. Always give thanks to Bear. 

A selection of Bear medicine herbs that can be used to honour Bear or to help call upon Bears energies. 30gm pack of organic/wildcrafted herbs.