Beltane Witches Charm Cord


This cord can be used in all celebrations, rituals and spellwork during your Beltane rites and festivities. It can also be used as a Handfasting cord. Made from various threads and cords, each Beltane cord is unique as no two are alike. The colour red represents the God and the life force, the white is for the Maiden Goddess, pink for love and green is for fertility and all the vibrant nature around us. The charms include the Pentacle which is the symbol of the Witch, protection, the sacred circle and the elements and the Heart symbolizes sacred love. Together the Chalice and Athame honour and celebrate the union of the God and Goddess during the Beltane Great Rite.

The cord is approximately 4 foot 6 inches in length from knot to knot, it is the ideal length for most waist tied robes, and is used to measure out the radius of the traditional nine foot diameter Magickal Circle.

Please note - the Athame charm differs from the picture.