Blue Vervain - Cut and Ground Blend 20gm


(Verbena hastata)

Aka American Vervain, Blue Verbena, Simpler’s Joy and Swamp Verbena. Hastata comes from the Latin word “Hastatus” which means spear shaped or armed with spears. A perennial flowering plant in the vervain family, Verbenaceae. Native to North America and parts of Canada.

Blue Vervain attracts bees, butterflies and the Verbena Moth. Used in healing spells, sachets and incense to help overcome stress and anxiety, cleanse the Aura and to uplift the energies and spirit. Calming for frayed nerves and energies. Can also help to remove unnecessary burdens and stagnant thoughts should you choose to release them! Also said to ward off Vampires!

20gm organic herb, cut stalk and ground blend. Image to arrive in the meantime our Black Bear will keep watch.