Charcoal Discs 10 pack


The Charcoal discs are made from untreated natural and fresh Beech wood from sustainable forestry. Charcoals come in a foil wrapped pack of 10 discs and each disc is approximately 3cm in diameter. 

How to use. Place sand or earth in the bottom of a heat resistant cauldron or incense burner. Light edge of charcoal tablet with a match or lit candle, this may take some time but the charcoal will start to turn grey, spark and get hot. When charcoal begins to glow and/or spark in places, sprinkle the natural incense, resin or herbs on top. This method of burning releases the incense’s full aroma.  Some incense’s may have an unusual aroma when burning. Store charcoal tablets in an airtight container, tin foil or plastic bag away from the damp or sunlight when not in use. Do not leave burning charcoal tablet unattended. To extinguish hot charcoal tablet, pour some water over it or place it into a large cup of water.

Always keep out of reach of children and pets.