Chiastolite Stone 9-12gm


The name comes from the Greek “chiastos” that means cross marked or crosswise and is also known as the Cross Stone or Lapis Crucifer.

Carry Chiastolite to enhance calmness, courage, creativity, perseverance and strength, it also guards against negativity as it helps to deflect negativity rather than absorbing it. Rinse in pure water after every Waning Moon to remove any residue negativity that may of come your way.

A powerful stone that connect to the natural cycles of birth, life and death and helps us to understand and accept that there is more to life beyond this one, the afterlife and spirit world.  

Single stone is 9-12gm approx. Each piece of tumbled Chiastolite may differ from picture and is natural crystal so no two are alike and that is the beauty of nature.