Dia de Los Muertos Oracle Cards


Wisdom from the Departed Beloved.


Soul-Affirming Guidance from Beyond On the Day of the Dead, the veils thin, and the departed return in a celebration of life. Tune in to this rich and festive tradition to connect with your loved ones and alchemize heartache into cherished wisdom. 


Painted in Teotihuacain, Mexico, the vivid imagery of this oracle offers a wealth of symbolism alongside inspirational messages and practices for honoring and communing with your ancestors. Shuffle the deck, choose a card, and welcome angels, saints, memories, music, meaning, and spirit into your heart, home, readings, and meditations. Weave possibility, support, and purpose throughout your world with the mystical threads of Dia de los Muertos. 


Includes 44 Cards and 216-Page Guidebook. Kelly Sullivan Walden and Artwork by Emily K. Grieves De Reyes Contla.