Dragonfly Hematite Pendant - Clearance Stuff


Dragonflies are iridescently coloured with long slender abdomens. They have two pairs of elongated wings criss-crossed with fragile veins that remain outstretched when the Dragonfly is at rest. Dragonfly helps to break down illusions, the limiting beliefs and values that hinder our path and slow our movement. If Dragonfly has darted in to your life today, change your view of life and you will soon realise that although it is easier to stick with what you know and trust, breaking free of illusion will see you grow and develop on all levels. Choose to see life through the eyes of clarity and truth and you will see your life options broaden dramatically.

Hematite is a grounding and protecting stone that enhances the memory and helps to balance the body’s energies from being scattered. It is sometimes used for scrying due to its shiny silvery surface. The Dragonfly pendant is approx 2.5cm at wing span x 2cm in length not including clasp measure.

Usually $5.00.