Elderflowers 20gm


(Sambucus nigra) 

Aka Boor Tree, Elder, Ellhorn, Fae Flower, Fleur de Sureau, Ruis and Sambucus Flower.

The Elder is honoured in the Celtic Calendar as the 13th month and signifies both an end and a beginning, death and rebirth.  A favoured tree of the Fae and Witches, said to enchant, heal, enhance prosperity, protect and ward off evil. It also brings judgement, transformation and helps us see the inevitable and fate to our attention.

The flowers are used in offerings and placed into sachets and herb blends for the Elder Fairy Queen and Tree Dryads and during Beltane and Summer rites.

A plant of many superstitions and beliefs, Elder woods should never be burnt, the trees not chopped down and the woods not taken into the home otherwise all manner of mishaps will entail including being haunting by the tree spirits. Organic flowers 20gm.