Eucalyptus Essential Oil 10ml


Botanical Name - Eucalyptus radiata

Common Name – Eucalyptus Radiata.

Folk Names – Narrow Leafed Peppermint.

Parts used – Leaves and branches.

Extraction method – Steam distillation.

Magickal use – Eucalyptus has long been used for its healing properties, it helps to clear stuffy noses and congestion especially in respiratory conditions and is an ingredient in the olde formulae, ‘Vicks Vapour Rub.’ Added to cleaning blends as it purifies the space, removing negativity in general and works well as an antiseptic on cuts, wounds and grazes. Also ideal as a massage oil when mixed with carrier oils to help soothe aching muscles and joints. Add Eucalyptus oil to oil burners, sachets and washes to help stimulate the mind on all levels, to clear the energies of unneeded clutter, to help see situations clearly and to awaken your own healing powers of the Witch. Comes in a 10ml glass dripulator bottle.

Cautions – Eucalyptus oil is extremely concentrated and should be avoided by the following, eyes, lips, mouth, mucous membranes, tongue and any other sensitive parts of the body. Also do not use directly on polished furniture’s and some plastics.