Familiar Donation - $5.00


For those of you who would like to donate $5.00 to our Wycksted familiar Fund.

Over the years we have rescued and housed many animals from cats, kittens, possums, birds, hawks, emu to dogs, fish, sheep, cows, goats, donkeys and horses. These animals have come to us in various stages from being simply unwanted to having been ill-treated and in dire need of love and care. Along with veterinary attention where needed and lots of good food and as much love and care as possible, these beautiful animals in return have become to trust and show their unconditional love to us. Most have continued to live their lives out here at Wycksted while some have been re-homed to fabulous families. Image of Jasper. Meet the Cats of Wycksted.

We thank you for your donation and it will go towards helping these brave and beautiful familiars. For more information you can contact us on info@wycksted.co.nz