Fire Element Incense Smudge


Burn this incense to attune to the positive energies of the Element of Fire such as communication, passion, travel, vision quests and wisdom. When used as a smudge it helps to instill ones courage and strength and bring fire and warmth back to the spirit.

It can also be burnt at the circle quarter of North (SH) to represent Fire and to honour the season of Summer including the Summer Solstice and all Fire signs.

Our incenses, smoke and smudges have been handmade in our Black Bear Apothecary using the finest wildcrafted and organic herbs, resins, barks and spices and we still use our large and rather heavy mortar and pestle for the finer grinds. This blend can be sprinkled onto lit charcoals for smudging or thrown into the ritual balefire and the smoke used for the same purposes.

30gm pack that comes in a sealable bag with notes for use. For external use only. 

Image to arrive, in the meantime our Black Bear will keep watch.