Heimdall Nordic Herb Pack


Heimdall/Heimdallr is the vigilant watchman of the Norse Gods. He dwells at the entry to Asgard and guards the Bifrost or Rainbow Bridge granting wisdom and passage to and from the Nine Worlds. He has keen sight and hearing. He stands ready with the ‘Gjallarhorn’ which can be heard throughout the Cosmos and it is this horn that Heimdall sounds to summon the Gods when their enemies are near. It is also the horn that is sounded as Ragnarok draws near. Heimdall is also known as the Shining God and is said to have gold teeth. A patron and protector of the threshold and to humans.

This herbal blend can be added to amulets, balefires, bath bags, incense and in sachets placed over the threshold to honour the Watchman of the Norse Gods, Heimdall. 20gm organic-wildcrafted herb pack.