Krampus Kohle Woollen Sacks


A lack of festive spirit and for those who have mis-behaved can unleash the wrath of Krampus. These little woollen sacks have been made to acknowledge and honour Krampus who is a large half man half goat figure, with cloven hooves from Alpine folklore. During the festive season he visits those who have misbehaved and punishes non-believers, leaving them coal or sometimes strikes them with birch rods.

He is frightening to children, especially those who were misbehaving, but this did not only apply to children as adults have been known to receive their fair share of coal. Krampus also is said to bundle the naughty up, stuffing them into his sack and then drags them off to the Underworld. The kohle sacks also honour the dark part of the festive season, and to remind us to be kind to others and grateful for what we have.

Includes approx 200gm natural coal from Europe, more than enough coal for several naughty people, are you one of them?

The sacks are made from pure woven wool with a woollen trim and are hand sewn, approx 13.5cm x 11.5cm. The silver cord has two small bells tied to it.