Little Bast Statue


Bast or Bastet is the Egyptian Goddess of Cats and a symbol of Cat lovers and devotees worldwide. In Ancient Egypt, Bast (Bastet) the Cat-headed goddess represented a powerful aspect of the Sun, life-giving, pleasure, joy, music, dance, health, healing, the Moon and of course, Cats.  At her city, Bubastis, all Cats were considered divine. The Temples were full of them, and they were cared for by a special group of Priestesses. Those who harmed or killed a Cat were put to death. When Egyptian Cats died, they were taken to certain cities to be mummified and to be prepared for life in the afterworld.

Approx high. 

All proceeds from this item go towards the Cats of Wycksted, so a big paws up for your support and purchase.