Love Soy Wax Candle


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A flame needed to start the magic. Love, gentleness, emotional healing and release of stress.

Chakra: Heart (4th) Emotional: Aids in releasing past wounds & teaches trust and hope. Spiritual: Encourages spirituality of love

To attract love, grow self-love, boost healing of the heart or to strengthen friendships, light this candle on a Friday, during a new moon or waxing moon. You can meditate with the candle, or simply use it in your own ritual or spell work to aid your intentions.

Tip: write your name in the candle wax to boost your self-love.

Rose scented soy wax candle with Rose Quartz crystal and rose petals. The wax used to create this candle is GMO free, Paraffin free, Vegan and Kosher. 120ml.

Made in New Zealand by The Planchette.