Mistletoe 20gm


(Viscum album)  

Aka Common Mistletoe, European Mistletoe and Uil-iok. The Mistletoe is an aerial parasitic plant that grows high in the boughs of trees. It does not have roots and is dependent on its host for survival. Mistletoe is a favourite of the Celtic Druid’s especially if gathered from an Oak tree.  The Celtic Tree Zodiac places Mistletoe as December 23rd right in the depth of winter. Mistletoe has long been used as a symbol of blessings, harmony and peace. Place in sachets and herb blends to encourage fertility, healing, protection, romance, sleep, vitality and to banish negativity in general particularly pesky Witches!

In Norse mythology Mistletoe was the only weapon that could be used to kill Baldur the Beautiful, organized by the mischievous God Loki and who used the blind God Hodur (Hod) as his instrument in doing so. 20gm Organic.