Moon Mini Candles Pack of 6


These Candles are for use in any Ritual or Spell work when working with the Moon and Moon Goddess.

Silver – New Moon. Blessings, new birth and beginnings, sow the seeds of intention, ideal Moon phase for conception on all levels.

White – Waxing Moon. Be creative and deal with any challenges that may arise, start new projects.

Red – Full Moon. Celebrate the magick and strength of the fullness of the Goddess, life and nature.

Black – Waning Moon. Time to clear out and de-clutter. Let go of old energies and negative thoughts patterns that are impeding new adventures.

Purple – Dark Moon. Rest and regeneration, time to go within and distill past wisdoms into new ideas for the future. Strengthen your energies as this is a time to look into the deeper mysteries within one’s own life.

Blue – The Blue Moon of course. ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ thy will be imbued with extra magick, insights and strength. Use this wisely!

Pack of six candles 110 x 12mm, Moon not included.