Njord Norse God Oyle Blend


 Njord is the Norse Vanir God of the oceans, seas, waterways, coast and inland waters. He is the God of wind, seafarers and voyages as the Vikings and North folk would call upon him before setting out on their sea voyages to venture to new lands. Njord’s energies are also those of adventures crops, fishing, hunting and wealth. He is father to Freyr and Freyja by an unnamed one and was once married to the Giantess, Skadi but their marriage did not work as he did not like her snowy, cold mountains and she did not enjoy the sea and seashores. His Rune is Laguz, the Rune of the water, love and travel, of deep possibilities and the wild force of the seas.

This oyle blend can be added to amulets, balefires, bath bags, incense and sachets to honour the Norse God, Njord as well as his Rune Laguz. It can also be used as an anointing oyle. Contains pure/organic essential and carrier oils, ocean minerals and salts. 10ml.